A Day In The Life Of A Sixthman Ninja

If you've ever called or chatted with Sixthman, chances are that you spoke with a Ninja. Our Ninja team is a dynamite group of guest service gurus. We love talking to our guests and are always available to assist in booking a cabin or discuss any other question or concern that comes to mind.

Upon rising every morning, a Sixthman Ninja needs to jump out of bed with a smile on their face to be ready for the glorious day ahead and that’s exactly what I do. After I ensure that my hair is perfectly styled for maximum-telephone-head-set-positioning, I hop in my car and drive through the bustling streets of Atlanta, Georgia, always making sure I get to work early. I’ve always said that if you’re not early, you’re late!

On those sweet, sweet mornings when I’m the first Ninja in the office, I get my choice of any desk in the thermos (that’s what we call the room where the Ninjas sit because its always a delightful 63 degrees when its not a balmy 84).  The ideal location in the thermos is going to be a mid to high level desk with your back facing away from the door so that you can have a full view of the dogs walking around the office. I’m personally a big fan of watching Buckley sit in people’s laps like a human baby.

Now comes the fun part… Juggling phone calls, chats, and emails from our lovely guests! I get to talk on the phone to a Rock Boater who’s been with us since day one while I live-chat with a Kid Rock Cruiser about which pair of Bob’s overalls we love the most (all of them, duh). The energy in the room is electric while all of my coworkers crush their new bookings and help guests decide on the most stellar outfits for theme nights.

Shortly after a delicious lunch purchased by office manager extraordinaire, Julie, comes my favorite part of the day… Nap time! When we’re handling bookings for all of our launched events, its important to stay rested. I find a comfortable spot under my desk and snooze for an hour or so until someone finds me and tells me that this is definitely not part of a day in the life of a Sixthman Ninja… This is news to me.

At the end of the day, after I’ve said goodbye to every dog in the office and have tried to forget about all of the free doughnuts I ate that day, I reflect on how lucky I am to be a part of such an awesome company and community. Even if they don’t allow for nap time (yet…), it’s pretty great being a Sixthman Ninja and I’m excited and ready to do it all again tomorrow.