The Word On The Street: Malta

Eight months ago, I joined the Sixthman team. In that time, I’ve been lucky enough to sail on a dozen of ridiculously awesome cruises, but I must say I’m particularly excited to set sail on the first European Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea!

Bonamassa! Frampton! Eric Gales! Larkin Poe! I learned on the 2018 KISS Kruise that Vintage Trouble will, no doubt, keep the party rocking! However, with so much buzz about all of the insane musical talent aboard the ship, I all but forgot about the fact that we will also have TWO port days. Each of these two ports are in places that I have heard of but know very little about.

Being the wayward wanderer that I am, I wanted to know what my prospects were for eating some delicious food, taking in some gorgeous sights, and getting a little R&R in a timely and inexpensive manner in beautiful Malta. So, down the google rabbit hole I went!

Grand Harbour, aka the Port of Valletta, in Malta is one of the two amazing ports of call during Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea with Joe Bonamassa: Mediterranean.

The oh so beautiful Malta!

The oh so beautiful Malta!

Vacation... Leaving it all behind… Getting away from it all sounds great until you actually consider the prospect of being off of the grid in a foreign land. So, one of the first things I searched for in a new town is… WIFI! Always the savvy traveler, I personally prefer FREE WIFI. Luckily, many public places including the Upper Barrakka Gardens and the National Library of Malta reportedly offer wifi to visitors (neither are too far away from port). Don’t worry, you will still conveniently be able to show your friends back home how much more awesome your life is than theirs because you are IN MALTA!

Next up, cheap eats! Perhaps my favorite pastime in any new city is to find a local hangout, have an unnecessarily strong beverage, and eat the finest dishes that region has to offer. I just don’t want to pay a lot for it.  My research has shown that, within walking distance from the port, there are a few inexpensive coffee shops, pizzerias, sandwich shops, and Mediterranean spots that I can’t wait to check out. Also, one thing that Malta has no shortage of is SWEEEEETS! No matter where you are, pastries and gelato are never too far away!


And then a recommended 30 minutes after your delicious cheap eats it is time to swim! Let’s talk beaches! What more needs to be said. The less populated, the better. We will be in Malta during the busy season. From what I’ve read, with a little extra research and effort, finding more secluded areas of beach shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Just ask a local!  


Lastly, maybe my favorite things about every port are its… unique offerings! While these are by no means the most culturally important contributions to human kind this island has to offer, they are no less intriguing, to me at least.



 Preserved from the 1980’s musical, this “town” can be visited for a fee and guests can partake in food, beverages, and interact with characters from the movie.



Ned Stark confronting Cersei about the father of her children, Ned Stark being de-crowned by said children and pretty much the entirety of Khaleesi and Khal Drogo’s relationship… It’s all here here in Malta!


Sixthman is coming…

 Click HERE for some other off beat destinations of interest!


We all need to get around in beautiful Malta, so here is a quick low down on transportation!  

  1. ECABS: eCabs has an apps for Apple and Android that allows you to order car service in Malta. Payment options are cash or card, and business accounts are also available (wink, wink, nudge, nudge Sixthman).

  2. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: It appears that this mode of travel is fairly simple and has 2 hour passes available for £2 during the summer time. They also have a handy Trip Planner to help those of us who sweat the small details.


Lastly, I’ve read things like, “if traveling to churches please be respectful…” which basically boils down to being mindful of other people’s cultures and customs, aaand wearing shirts, shoes, and something more than bikini bottoms when you go into places of worship. Simple enough.


So, grab your sunscreen, maybe a little bit of European cash, and some comfortable walking shoes and ci vediamo lì!



Khalil Tribie