My First Sixth Months: Partner Relations Manager Edition

In one sentence, what does the Partner Relations team do?

Our team works as the bridge between Sixthman and our "partners" (the teams that represent our headlining bands and/or the various companies we collaborate with) to bring the event of their dreams to life!


What are your top three moments thus far?

1.     Getting hired! I worked for Sixthman as a Ninja Intern and then a Part-Time Ninja when I was in college and always looked up to the Partner Relations team during that time. Then I moved to Nashville for a few years after I graduated and got incredible experience working at an artist management company. That job gave me the skills to thrive in this role today. It’s a dream realized to get to do the work I am doing now!


2.     Every moment on the ship. I love seeing all of the hard work everyone puts in come to life. I love acting on my feet when a partner throws us a curve ball. I truly enjoy bouncing all over the ship all day making sure our partners are happy and taken care of.

And sometimes we get to do really silly and fun things on board, like – surprise someone with a bathtub full of ice and beer or be the transporter Chris Jericho’s championship belt across the ship.

3.     Developing relationships with my specific partners. I currently lead the relationship with the partners on The Outlaw Country Cruise, The Walker Stalker Cruise, and The Melissa Etheridge Cruise. Every partner is different, which is part of the fun, and I love figuring out the best way to communicate and work with them to create the best events for our guests.


Favorite ship snack?

Anything from the juice bar!


Most steps walked in a day on the ship?

25,000? Somewhere around 8 miles…


If you could pick the towel animal that shows up on your bed every day, what would it be?

A sloth :)


Final thoughts?

I love my team! Major shout out to Gabrielle, Alex, Darby, and my fabulous leader, Natalie, for teaching me SO much over the past six months. #youhavebigeyes #GabbyWendyandtheNewGirl 

-       Sixthman Ansley

SXM RunClub takes Montreal

After our 2018 Spring sailing season, I made a commitment to myself to step out of my comfort zone. I was always intimidated by the idea of the Sixthman RunClub because I was barely able to run a mile without stopping...But, after some nagging/encouragement from my Sixthman family, I decided that I had nothing to lose. Sure, maybe they would run laps around me or maybe I would have to stop halfway through our run and I would end up lost in Atlanta somewhere with no idea how to get back to the office...but still...I had nothing to lose.  

As if deciding that I was all of a sudden going to be a runner wasn't enough, I decided to sign up for a half marathon in Montreal in September with three of my SXMRunClub buddies/cheerleaders: Geoff, Jess, and Jon. Over the next 5 months, we trained pretty hard. From weekday 5ks after work to 8 mile runs on the weekends, we held each other accountable and pushed each other to get better every day.

The week before our trip, my nerves really started to kick in. I thought to myself, “I’m not a runner! What am I doing?” Geoff, Jess, and Jon assured me that we were READY and that at the end of the day, this race was just for fun and to challenge ourselves.  

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 1.26.46 PM.png

Our view from our Airbnb was amazing. The first day when I stepped out onto our balcony, suddenly all of my nerves disappeared. It was the day before our race and our main concern was where we were going to eat brunch. Jess, Geoff, and I did a short run around the city while we waited for Jon to join us from Atlanta. From there the four of us spent most of the day just taking in the beautiful sights and mentally preparing to run 13.1 miles the next morning…

That next morning came VERY early. The race started at 715 which meant we were all awake by 6am to ensure enough time to have a small bite to eat and walk to the starting point downtown. It’s pretty surreal standing in a crowd of thousands of people in a city you’ve never been before. It was practically still dark out and the air was chilly, but tolerable. A huge LED clock counted down the minutes in front of us and the crowd started to grow quieter as they prepared to take off running. Each corral started with fireworks, which actually worked to my advantage to get my adrenaline up because I am terrified of them...and then in the blink of an eye, it was our turn…5…4…3…2…RUN!

The race was beautiful. What an amazing way to explore Montreal! Once the sun came up, the weather was pretty much the best it could have been. For the first few miles we chatted and stuck together, eventually losing each other in the crowd once we were all setting our own pace. Crossing the finish line was the best feeling in the world and unlike anything I had felt before…all those Saturday morning runs and months of anticipation had paid off. WE DID IT!

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 1.26.55 PM.png

It’s an odd feeling when you realize it’s 10:30 AM and you’ve already ran 13.1 miles…we still had not only the whole DAY ahead of us but three more days after that! I won’t go into details of every place we went, but one thing that you can be sure of is we did a whole lot of eating. We had pretty much every type of food imaginable from delicious pizza to hearty burgers with sweet potato fries to a super classy Spanish meal where we were the only table in the restaurant. Oh and obviously we had poutine…how could I forget about the poutine?!

For me the highlight of our trip (besides the half) was our impromptu and unusual game of blackjack that we played at an Irish pub called Hurley’s. Hurley’s actually became our go-to late night spot on the trip (mostly for the very intense darts games we played.) We asked the bartender that night if they had any playing cards and all that she had to give us was a deck of Uno cards. Most people probably would have laughed and said “never mind,” but not Sixthman people who thrive on an opportunity to improvise! We played several rounds of blackjack and the stakes were high. I won some dental floss, a mint, AND a pink starburst. (Thank you Jess’s purse!)

I could go on about our trip and how much I love RunClub forever…but none of us have time for that. So instead I will leave you with some quotes and personal takeaways.

1.  “You will never know your limits until you really push yourself to them.”

2.   “Self discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.”

3.   Having people that will keep you accountable and encourage you goes a long way.

4.  Running/walking a race is arguably one of the best ways to see a city.

5.   “Challenges are what makes like interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Note to self: Play blackjack with Uno cards more often. 

We didn’t just Kick It On The Ship, we kicked it on the course too!

There were a ton of surreal moments on Brantley Gilbert’s first Kick It In Ship Cruise, but one of my favorites was when a few of our guests got to hit the links with Brantley in Nassau, Bahamas! That’s right, 4 of our guests spent their port day golfing at the beautiful Ocean Club Golf Course with BG, Colt Ford, and friends.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 4.51.41 PM.png

 How’d they get to do that you ask? Well, they showed us their swing!

Brantley was looking for a couple golf buddies in Nassau, so we did an all-call for guests booked on the cruise to submit videos of them golfing and telling us why they’d make a great choice. You can check out #KickItOnTheCourse on Instagram to see all of the awesome submissions!

An entry that I just loved was from one of our winners, Tyler.
“If you can’t live it down, you might as well live it up”…and that’s exactly what these fellas did! 

From riding in fancy SUVs, to spending a little qt with Brantley before their tee times, to getting smoked on the course by a couple of their musical idols – I think it’s safe to say our guests had one hell of a day. Heck, BG even bought one of them a new pair of golf shoes…it didn’t help his game much, but hey, he looked real good out there!

Can’t wait to see what ideas we’ll cook up for the next BG Cruise!


Until next time,

Sixthman Carlee


New Year, New Team! Sixthman keeps growing and growing.

As all super-Sixthman fans know our company is growing like crazy! We’re setting sail in Europe, headed to land and continuing to innovate the artist and fan experience through 2019.

Sixthman is excited to step — no, sprint! — into 2019 with 13 new amazing hires in almost every department. Tune in and get to know your new Warriors, Ninjas, Wizards and more!

SXM Best of 2018

2018 was a wild year for your Sixthman family! We introduced wrestling to the high seas, brought on 13 new team members and discovered an array of amazing music. From Sixthman artists like Paramore, Matt Nathanson and Kacey Musgraves to dream acts like Drake and Muse your salty Sixthman family knows how to get down! Check out our favorites from the past 365 days with our Spotify playlist

A Glimpse Inside The Sixthman Vault

Image from iOS (7).jpg

Have you ever wondered where we keep all of our supplies before and after the cruises? In the Sixthman Vault of course! As a newcomer to the company in May of 2016, I was given the opportunity to see this legendary place for myself. In fact, my task was to catalog all of the items kept there.

I went into this adventure thinking it would be pretty ordinary - inventory is simple and boring right? WRONG. Nothing Sixthman does is ever boring, even if it’s just keeping boxes on a shelf.

Here’s a list of some of the interesting items I came across:

Image from iOS (4).jpg

A replica model of a cruise ship

This beauty pays homage to Sixthman’s past and future adventures aboard the vessel. A high level of detail and a glass display case make for a very cool piece of history.

A plastic tub full of… custom painted toilet seats?

Yep. A dozen or so stacked neatly in a plastic tub. Turns out this was for a game called ‘Redneck Horseshoes’ which involves tossing toilet seats at a stationary plunger and hoping to get closer than your opponent. 

Image from iOS (5).jpg

Posters from past cruises

Reading about Sixthman’s long roster of past cruises was informative, but flipping through the stack of old posters with my own hands really left an impression on me. There was fifteen years’ worth of vacations represented here, and each poster was a unique piece. The variety of artists, destinations, and art styles was astounding.

Image from iOS (6).jpg

A lone Razer scooter

Another relic from the past – one in which Sixthman employees used scooters to commute between meeting rooms at the old office. Rest easy, old friend.

Image from iOS (8).jpg

Boat the Rock keychains

This is the TRB mascot? It’s an orange rock…

Image from iOS (9).jpg

Purple road case full of nonsense

Seriously, at first glance, the contents of this container gave me pause. It was filled to the brim with an assortment of objects that had no discernable purpose. A bag of pantyhose, ok. Thirty yellow whiffle bats, alright. Dozens of colored plastic squares. Megaphones. Balloons. Rubber ducks?!

All part of a crazy game called Boozical Squares, apparently. Sixthman ingenuity can be frightening sometimes.




The severed head of Herschel from The Walking Dead

Sure it’s a rubber prop for the Walker Stalker cruise, but it gave me a jump the first time I found it peering back at me from a box. Those eyes, yeesh.

Image from iOS (10).jpg

Not one, not two, but THREE different sizes of Jenga

Honestly, with this kind of variety, there is no excuse not to play it at least once during a cruise. You can generally find this high-intensity game on the Sports Court.

Image from iOS (15).jpg

Luxury bath robes embroidered with The Rock Boat logo

Veterans of The Rock Boat know these garments as the prestigious 10-year alumni gift, but all I could think was, "are we taking a company spa trip at some point?"

Image from iOS (11).jpg

A massive amount of inflatable pool toys

An avalanche of beach balls and tubes is one thing, but when you throw in an inflatable mechanical bull and a whale that doubles as a couch, now you’re in Sixthman inflatables territory. These guys must throw a killer pool party!

Image from iOS (14).jpg
Image from iOS (13).jpg

Eight Hundred pounds of office supplies, on wheels

This office supply case is absolutely huge and contains all of the staples you would expect plus a whole lot more. A laminating machine named Larry, enough extension cords to connect Cozumel to Miami, and secret compartment for candy are just a few of the gems I found in there.

Needless to say, my first time visiting the Vault was a bit overwhelming and left me with a lot of questions. However, as I began my season of sailing I soon had a realization: these random, absurd and sometimes terrifying things help make Sixthman what it is.

See you onboard!