They GET IT!

Picture 1There is a community of people that like to meet up once a year and have a freaking blast.  They love music and they love a good time, but must of all I think they love the moments that you can’t get at any show or venue except for on The Rock Boat.  The moments are created because the artists that are part of the Sixthman family GET IT.  Not only do they play amazing music all day, all night, and into the early hours of the morning, but when their not on stage performing, they take full advantage of interacting with their fans.

•    Maybe you played cornhole with Tyrone Wells.

•    Maybe you took a shot in the hallway with Marc Broussard (if you were walking deck M on Mardi Gras night you did.)

•    Maybe you played flip cup with The Bridges and Gaelic Storm.

•    Maybe you saw Michael Tolcher Freestyle during artist triva.

•    Maybe Scott Munns bought you a shot of Jager.

These types of moments happen all the time on The Rock Boat and every other Sixthman event.  Like I said – They GET IT.  If 2010 was your first Rock Boat experience, welcome to the family. If you’re one of the veterans that came back for more, ROCK ON!  If you’re thinking about joining us, talk to any Sixthman alumni – you’ll be on board real soon :)


Home Again, Home Again

4270639014_2db903f85cHopefully all of you who were on TRB with us this past weekend are home safe and warm, recovered and functioning back in the real world. Well, we’ll settle for safe and recovered. Warm and functioning might be harder to come by. As I sit in my 50 degree kitchen (my heater must have had a fun weekend while I was away because it decided to call in sick this morning), I sip on coffee and work on pumping myself up back to fully functioning and reflect on the beast that was The Rock Boat X.

Working on the The Rock Boat, an event that more than 60% of the guests have been on more years than I have can be little bit intimidating at first. But this year, the third year in a row that I have been on board, I found myself able to look beyond the obvious sparkle that draws people in the first place and to see instead what keeps people coming back year after year. Sure, it’s a time to let lose of your inhibitions and do things you wouldn’t do in normal life (I’m looking at you 3 dudes clad head to toe in green spandex bodysuits on St. Patty’s Day Night). Sure, it’s a time to kick back and relax with your beverage of choice (I’m looking at you ladies I caught hoarding buckets of Corona from the buy one get one beer special and you dude walking around drinking out of the bag ripped out of a box o’wine). And yes, I would be missing the entire point if I did not mention that you get to see more great live music from early afternoon until the sun comes back up again for four days straight than you will likely see all year.

All of these things make for a fun party weekend, but don’t come close to explaining why so many people make going on The Rock Boat such large priority year after year. Most of our guests aren’t wealthy, and most of them don’t get more than 2 weeks of vacation to take off all year long. Basically, they’re normal folks. They could choose to use their hard earned money and scant vacation time any number of ways. They may take a year or two off, or tell themselves that this is the year they will do something else. But, for some reason they keep on coming back.

What is the reason? Well, it turns out I have no idea. What I do know are the stories. This year at the end of each night’s staff meeting where we went over the happenings of that day’s events and how the next day would go down we all shared stories. The woman who literally cried when our merch man handed her the Rock Boat track jacket, her token of appreciation for having attended her 7th event with us. Then there’s the other woman wearing a track jacket who one of our staff overheard mention she’d only been on a few events but she won the jacket in the divorce. There were the hundreds of purple bracelets donned by guests, artists, and staff in silent union with the member of one of the bands whose little daughter is battling cancer. There were the band members who needed absolutely no prodding or prompting, throwing away any preconceptions you might have of musicians or rock stars to jump in front of our cameras and sincerely thank the guests that allowed them to come on board and perform. There was the hug I gave a man I had never met until he debarked on the last day but whom I knew because his story about his wife who passed way suddenly in September but who had joined him on the last 6 Rock Boats brought me to tears. There were the hundreds of smiles and thank you’s and high fives and hugs and “see you next years” from guests as I stood at the exit of the ship on Monday morning from guests who had just been forced to stand in line for over an hour and had every reason to be grumpy as the ship was held up by an unexpected customs delay.

What is it about The Rock Boat? I have no idea. But, I can’t wait for next year.

See you on the flip side,


Word of mouth is our friend

megaphoneWhile I and the other “left-behinds” were working in the call center today, Barbara said, “If anyone needs a warm fuzzy, do a search for ‘The Rock Boat’ on Twitter.” She wasn’t kidding; within just a few hours of debarking, hundreds of good words had spread across the internet about how much fun everyone had on TRB X. I’ve noticed that good news spreads quickly around here, and it makes me happy.

Since starting at Sixthman, the word has spread into so many aspects of my life that I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of Sixthman until just over a year ago (someday the whole world will know!). I even found out that my cousin in Alabama has a friend who goes on The Rock Boat every year. Do you know the feeling when you learn a new vocabulary word and suddenly it seems to pop up everywhere? It’s like that….

For Christmas, my dad and brother and I chipped in and bought my mom a cabin on Malt Shop Memories. Since then, she’s been listening to the Malt Shop Memories mix CD I made for her, and has even shown the cruise brochure to her friends and told them all about it. Now Sixthman is in their minds, too. Hopefully they’ll experience a Sixthman cruise and then they’ll tell their friends who will tell their friends and so on.

We are able to sell cruises without using our entire budget for advertising or making a million cold calls, and we know that it’s thanks to you, our guests, who come on board and have a great time and tell everyone you know. You’re awesome and we love you.

Thanks and see you on Simple Man!

Tyrone Wells Blogs from TRBX

Hey ya’ll! Tyrone Wells here. So.. I’ve been having the time of my life on TRB! I’ve had many great moments that I’m gonna relay to you.

First… I got to play my first show on the Lido deck. It was Uber cold and windy… but of course there were still a lot of folks rearing to go. We had a couple of artists join us for our set. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers and Josh from GRO hopped up and joined us for a rendition of “On the Road Again”. Only.. wait for it… wait for it…. Keep waiting for it…. We changed the word “road” to “boat”. So we sang “On the BOAT again… like a band of Gypsies rocking through the high waves”… that was really the only lyrical change we made.. so much fun!!

We got to take in a “Gaelic Storm” set. That was my first time seeing them. Oh my Gosh! So much fun.! Then I went to play some black jack with the band and our ladies… and who should be at the table but “Stephen Kellogg the original”… that would be Stephen Kellogg’s Dad. He’s a great black jack player. We basically lost all of our money.. joy… and somehow Stephen the original just kept right on winning. We had a ball… got some late night pizza and crashed shortly after.

We had a BLAST playing in the Paris Lounge. I had caught the Marc Broussard set the night before in the Paris Lounge… and being a big fan of his.. I felt honored to share the stage.. even if it was a day later.

Probably my favorite thing of the whole boat was the “Sessions set”. I was stoked to be a part of the Sessions this year. The Sixthman Sessions is something that the Sixthman crew dreamed up and sponsored. Basically, they get a bunch of songwriters from the Rock Boat in the same room and let us cut loose for 3 days. Those three days will go down as some of the favorite days of my life. 12 songs were written and much food and drink was consumed. We got to showcase the songs that we wrote together in a “Sessions set” and it was a hootenanny.

Another highlight… Mike from Sixthman and I got to play some cornhole together as a team… Mike’s a ringer.. I was definitely the weak link.. but with Mike’s mad skills we faired pretty well.

I love the Rock boat and wish you were here! Big thanks to Sixthman and all of you out there that are so supportive! I’m gonna go eat… hasta!

Tyrone Wells

A TRB Recap Thus Far From Mr. Munns.

Hey Kids! Scott Munns here bloggin to you LIVE from the high seas in the middle of the ocean on the last day of Rock Boat TEN!

For those of you that couldn’t make it this year…the good news is…the weather has made the sailing experience more like The Deadliest Catch than The Love Boat…
The bad news for you is…that you have missed some of the best music the Rock Boat has ever had…and I should know…this is my 6th time!

We arrived late to Tampa on Wed so I went from the airport straight to the pre-party stage to jam with my buddy Francisco Vidal. As a Rock Boat “veteran” you would think that I would have learned by now to take it easy at these pre-parties…but no….the energy from the hundreds of Rock Boaters got me overly festive and after a few(8 or more) jager shots…I woke up in my hotel room(fully clothed…and massively hung over)

But no time for crying…TIME TO GET ON THE BOAT!!


My first show was in the Atrium in the 6:30 to 7:30 slot….
We had the crowd dancing and singing and falling all over themselves when I noticed Tony Lucca in the crowd…so I asked him to play a couple of songs and he turned the party into a straight up FREAK SHOW…We ended that set with a cover of Hanson’s “MMMBOP”….

I caught Michael Tolcher’s set in the Parris Lounge and was blown away! Tolcher always puts on such a great show and it was awesome seeing him rock that crowd.

Then I put on my teddy and thong and went to catch some of Wideawake’s pajama party…. As hot as that mental image is…I had to change back into my street threads for my first Promenade show!

Fransisco Vidal sat in and the set flew by and before you knew it our time was up and we had to give up the stage to some band called “Black Onyx”

By this time…Me and my band were a few jager shots in…and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Dude we kicked ass!!!
Woody: Yeah…but who the hell is “Black Onyx”?? They can’t bring it like we did!!!
Me: Hell Yeah!!! This Black Onyx band better not come in here with that weak shit!

As Me and Woody continued to congratulate ourselves and guzzle jager…as Black Onyx took the stage….

Me: Dude…those guys kinda look like Sister Hazel…
(Black Onyx/Sister Hazel breaks into “All for You”)
Woody: Dude…they sound like them too!!
Me: wait….that IS Sister Hazel!!
Woody: (head down)…we suck..
Me: word…(yes…I actually said “word”)


Caught Tony Lucca’s show in the Paris Lounge…. Tony is one of my favorite singer songwriters and he just OWNED that room… Very rocking/inspiring show..

Our meet and greet was awesome!!! Some hot girl wanted me to sign her ass!!! I LOVE THIS BOAT!!!

Then we went outside to the Lido Deck and caught Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers dressed up like Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers… They covered the WHOLE FULL MOON FEVER ALBUM!!! Wow. Those guys rock anyway…but it was crazy fun to see them play that record…

That night we had the late night jam on the Promenade stage….
SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Some of the highlights…

Ryan from Sister Hazel(Black Onyx) sat in and played some crazy leads….wow.
Tony Lucca sat in and covered “Hurts So Good” and “Summer of 69”
Tyrone Wells took over and I had to wear a mask cause the dude rocked my FACE OFF!!
Siggy from Will Hoge’s band did his best Keith Moon impression and smashed the kick drum on stage!! Very funny.


Our “Deadliest Catch” weather continued and our Cozumel beach party show got rescheduled to the promenade stage..

Our set was kinda mello but it was fun to play some of my more obscure originals that people have been asking for.

Saw Augustana do an acoustic version of their song “Boston”. LOVE that song!

Caught the tail end of Stephen Kellogg’s set in the Paris Lounge! KILLED IT!

We got funky with our 11pm Promenade set with Tolcher rapping and his drummer Markus laying down the funk like a BRICK…..HOUSE!!!! (he’s mighty mighty…just letting it all hang out)

Went to the Black Jack table and almost lost my ASS…till Kappy sits down and we took ALL THE MONEY from our Albanian/Russian/Polish/Rumanian dealers!!!! (I think I convinced Kappy to name his first child either “Vladamir” or “Ike”) Whiskey/Jager/ Black Jack and Kappy…..NOT a good combination!…but I HIGHLY recommend it!!


Just sittin here in the Sixthman office….bloggin…..

I am hosting artist trivia later today…then I am gonnna NAP because I plan on running my late night Promenade jam till they kick us off the boat!!

Pat McGee has promised to sit in.
Scott from Wideawake has promised to play a song or two.
I am planning on trapping Stephen Kellogg…Tyrone Wells…Augustana and maybe…
Just maybe…
If I am lucky enough….
I might get Black Onyx to join me for a song or two! (fingers crossed…silent prayer)

Bloggy Style ya later kids!!!

~Munns OUT!

Guest Blog from Marc Broussard on TRB X

Up next, we have a 100% unedited blog from TRB artist Marc Broussard.  I know this because I watched him type it with a giddy look on his face.  Take it away Marc:

I wish there was a pill that would undo the damage that we bring upon ourselves on a given night of partying on The Rock Boat.

This pill would not only completely counter the “hangover” feeling of the following morning, but would also act as an alarm clock to get you out of bed after only minutes of sleep, thus increasing your “party time experience.”   As we all know, drugs have side effects.  This pill is no exception.  In men, it causes temporary sterility and an unpleasant fluid secreted from the nether regions of the body.  In women, it creates an overly active sex drive as well as a total lack of judgment when picking men.  The female side effects are incurable.  This pill would be readily available in restrooms around the ship and would cost nothing, as you use your “sail and sign” key to purchase for an imaginary sum.

I believe this drug should be invented and be under the sole control of  Sixthman LLC. I say we skip the animal testing and go right to human trials right here on TRB. Those who participate get to cruise for free in perpetuity!

In all honesty, I am having a blast on The Rock Boat this year. Other than the year I married my beautiful wife on this boat, this year is one for the record books for me. My relationship with TRB is similar to that friend we all had as kids that your parents thought was a “bad influence”.  You know they are right but you can’t stop hanging out with him/her because they really are too much fun! Thank you to everyone for giving me an opportunity to live this enchanted life.

I’m just livin’ the dream!


Marc Broussard