We didn’t just Kick It On The Ship, we kicked it on the course too!

There were a ton of surreal moments on Brantley Gilbert’s first Kick It In Ship Cruise, but one of my favorites was when a few of our guests got to hit the links with Brantley in Nassau, Bahamas! That’s right, 4 of our guests spent their port day golfing at the beautiful Ocean Club Golf Course with BG, Colt Ford, and friends.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 4.51.41 PM.png

 How’d they get to do that you ask? Well, they showed us their swing!

Brantley was looking for a couple golf buddies in Nassau, so we did an all-call for guests booked on the cruise to submit videos of them golfing and telling us why they’d make a great choice. You can check out #KickItOnTheCourse on Instagram to see all of the awesome submissions!

An entry that I just loved was from one of our winners, Tyler.
“If you can’t live it down, you might as well live it up”…and that’s exactly what these fellas did! 

From riding in fancy SUVs, to spending a little qt with Brantley before their tee times, to getting smoked on the course by a couple of their musical idols – I think it’s safe to say our guests had one hell of a day. Heck, BG even bought one of them a new pair of golf shoes…it didn’t help his game much, but hey, he looked real good out there!

Can’t wait to see what ideas we’ll cook up for the next BG Cruise!


Until next time,

Sixthman Carlee


New Year, New Team! Sixthman keeps growing and growing.

As all super-Sixthman fans know our company is growing like crazy! We’re setting sail in Europe, headed to land and continuing to innovate the artist and fan experience through 2019.

Sixthman is excited to step — no, sprint! — into 2019 with 13 new amazing hires in almost every department. Tune in and get to know your new Warriors, Ninjas, Wizards and more!

SXM Best of 2018

2018 was a wild year for your Sixthman family! We introduced wrestling to the high seas, brought on 13 new team members and discovered an array of amazing music. From Sixthman artists like Paramore, Matt Nathanson and Kacey Musgraves to dream acts like Drake and Muse your salty Sixthman family knows how to get down! Check out our favorites from the past 365 days with our Spotify playlist

A Glimpse Inside The Sixthman Vault

Image from iOS (7).jpg

Have you ever wondered where we keep all of our supplies before and after the cruises? In the Sixthman Vault of course! As a newcomer to the company in May of 2016, I was given the opportunity to see this legendary place for myself. In fact, my task was to catalog all of the items kept there.

I went into this adventure thinking it would be pretty ordinary - inventory is simple and boring right? WRONG. Nothing Sixthman does is ever boring, even if it’s just keeping boxes on a shelf.

Here’s a list of some of the interesting items I came across:

Image from iOS (4).jpg

A replica model of a cruise ship

This beauty pays homage to Sixthman’s past and future adventures aboard the vessel. A high level of detail and a glass display case make for a very cool piece of history.

A plastic tub full of… custom painted toilet seats?

Yep. A dozen or so stacked neatly in a plastic tub. Turns out this was for a game called ‘Redneck Horseshoes’ which involves tossing toilet seats at a stationary plunger and hoping to get closer than your opponent. 

Image from iOS (5).jpg

Posters from past cruises

Reading about Sixthman’s long roster of past cruises was informative, but flipping through the stack of old posters with my own hands really left an impression on me. There was fifteen years’ worth of vacations represented here, and each poster was a unique piece. The variety of artists, destinations, and art styles was astounding.

Image from iOS (6).jpg

A lone Razer scooter

Another relic from the past – one in which Sixthman employees used scooters to commute between meeting rooms at the old office. Rest easy, old friend.

Image from iOS (8).jpg

Boat the Rock keychains

This is the TRB mascot? It’s an orange rock…

Image from iOS (9).jpg

Purple road case full of nonsense

Seriously, at first glance, the contents of this container gave me pause. It was filled to the brim with an assortment of objects that had no discernable purpose. A bag of pantyhose, ok. Thirty yellow whiffle bats, alright. Dozens of colored plastic squares. Megaphones. Balloons. Rubber ducks?!

All part of a crazy game called Boozical Squares, apparently. Sixthman ingenuity can be frightening sometimes.




The severed head of Herschel from The Walking Dead

Sure it’s a rubber prop for the Walker Stalker cruise, but it gave me a jump the first time I found it peering back at me from a box. Those eyes, yeesh.

Image from iOS (10).jpg

Not one, not two, but THREE different sizes of Jenga

Honestly, with this kind of variety, there is no excuse not to play it at least once during a cruise. You can generally find this high-intensity game on the Sports Court.

Image from iOS (15).jpg

Luxury bath robes embroidered with The Rock Boat logo

Veterans of The Rock Boat know these garments as the prestigious 10-year alumni gift, but all I could think was, "are we taking a company spa trip at some point?"

Image from iOS (11).jpg

A massive amount of inflatable pool toys

An avalanche of beach balls and tubes is one thing, but when you throw in an inflatable mechanical bull and a whale that doubles as a couch, now you’re in Sixthman inflatables territory. These guys must throw a killer pool party!

Image from iOS (14).jpg
Image from iOS (13).jpg

Eight Hundred pounds of office supplies, on wheels

This office supply case is absolutely huge and contains all of the staples you would expect plus a whole lot more. A laminating machine named Larry, enough extension cords to connect Cozumel to Miami, and secret compartment for candy are just a few of the gems I found in there.

Needless to say, my first time visiting the Vault was a bit overwhelming and left me with a lot of questions. However, as I began my season of sailing I soon had a realization: these random, absurd and sometimes terrifying things help make Sixthman what it is.

See you onboard!


Sixthman Expands to Resort Festivals!


Recently, we announced that we will be bringing our Music Festivals at Sea to Europe next August 2019 with an inaugural series of Mediterranean sailings serving fans and bands out of Barcelona, Spain.


As we’ve entered our 17th year of pouring passion into creating memories that last a lifetime on 117 floating festivals….we are thrilled to announce another phase of expansion that allows us to set the stage for moments that make life rock in new and exciting ways!

Next year, Sixthman will be taking everything we’ve learned by hosting over 250,000 guests and their heroes on countless vacations at sea into immersive fan experiences at breathtaking Resorts on some of the globe’s most beautiful beaches.

Our mission is to compliment and capture the magic that occurs on our Music Festivals at Sea and provide fans the opportunity to escape on a Resort Festival vacation to exotic locations….soaking in the sand, sounds and special feeling of being together with their favorite artists and others who share their same spirit and passions.

We hope you'll check out our first two resort festivals: Kid Rock's Chillin' The Most Flyin' High Island Jam and John Prine Presents All The Best. Keep an eye out for more updates here on the new events on the horizon. We hope to earn the opportunity to host you at a Sixthman resort festival sometime soon!

land resort graphic.png

You deserve the absolute best vacation ever and we are inspired to go Above & Beyond in every possible way to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Look forward to a Hi-Five on sand or sea one day soon. 

Take care, 


Sixthman Goes To Europe!


On behalf of the entire Sixthman team, I couldn’t be more excited to share news of plans to bring our Music Festivals at Sea to fans in Europe. The excitement stems from the hope that we will be able to serve guests in a new part of the globe an escape that truly changes expectations of what a vacation can be - as we have been so fortunate to do here at home in the States for the past 16 years.

On August 8, 2019, we will push away from port in Barcelona, Spain on our way to Cagliari, Sardinia on Norwegian Jade for our inaugural European sailing on a brand-new event, The Boaty Weekender - an indie rock festival presented by Belle and Sebastian.

Soon we’ll announce more immersive music festivals at sea out of Barcelona in August 2019 that will also chase the goal of tearing down the walls between fans and bands.

It has been an absolute privilege serving fan communities here in the U.S. and we will continue to do so with a boatload of care and passion to go above and beyond in every way to set the stage for memories that truly last a lifetime.

All of the guests and artists (past and present) who have trusted us with their vacation here at home have taught us what it means to build, strengthen and serve communities. You have made us stronger and given us this opportunity to serve new fans abroad. 

You are amazing. You define what it means to LIVE LOUD.

Cheers to all the adventures ahead together in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean – or wherever we should meet.

Take care.
- Anthony | CEO SIXTHMAN