5 Year Addict

My name is Lisa. Aka Sixthman Lisa, aka Switchblade Siouxsie, aka Lisa Siouxsie, aka warrior, aka warrior chief, aka conductor, and yes even at one time, receptionist. And I’m a sixthmanaholic. How did I come to terms with it? Well I realized that in spite of the stress, the fun hangovers, the hours spent away from friends and family, I still work here. Today, I am 5 years addicted.

Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors. Why am I addicted, and why is it okay to be addicted? First, if you’re reading this, you may have experienced something that we call “boat dumb.” It’s an adverse affect of sailing with Sixthman, and totally worth it. Secondly, if we didn’t all have some sort of neurological impairment, we wouldn’t all be quite as creative or fun!

I’ll tell you the moment when I knew this company was for me. Despite our disagreements, which usually end up in brother/sister headlocks, we also have brother/sister take care of each other moments. This moment is called the “Wagon Welcome.”


Sixthman will cross through 8 states, brave through a snowstorm, and wait hours in an airport to have a good time together. One adventurous week, we took a company wide “gone fishing” vacation to Colorado. When we found out that our flight was cancelled, there was a flurry of activity to find a solution, which included Jill Prince running WAY too much (Jill is not a fan of running). Several people were able to jump on different flights near Steamboat, but there were just a few of us that were “left behind.”

Kappy, Jodi, Alaidriale, Natalie, Alex, and myself tried to make the best of a not-so-great situation. After charging food and SEVERAL drinks to the company card, we got an evening flight to Denver. Denver, as you may know, is about three hours away from Steamboat. Not ideal. Here’s where the shuttle in dangerous situations enters.

We hit treacherous weather, on tiny winding roads, with little to no available stops late at night. At some point, someone (I won’t name names) even had to sit on a water bottle to prevent from having an “accident.” Scary driving, exhaustion from all day travel, and the sads from not being with the rest of the company equals grumpy Sixthman members.

When all hope was gone, we arrived at the resort to find the rest of the company wearing our signature white robes and singing our favorite song, “Wagon Wheel.” They hugged us, they carried our luggage, and they handed us some warm beverages (with a kick). It was the perfect wagon welcome. That may have been the one and only time I teared up a little. Ever.

So yes, I’m a 5-year addict. And as long as I work with some of the most amazing people in the world, I don’t see a cure coming anytime soon.

Take a Tour of the Norwegian Pearl

If you’ve already sailed on the Pearl, you know it’s pretty perfect. There are people in our community who haven’t experienced the awesomeness yet, so Sixthman Jen made this video of the ship’s highlights. We’re excited to be using the Pearl for Cayamo, coming up in about a week! We’ll also be enjoying the Pearl this year on The Rock Boat, 311 Caribben Cruise, and Kid Rock’s Chillin the Most Cruise.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Sixthman TV is back! The gang’s all here, and ready to let you in on our everyday workings. If you’re new to the family, Sixthman TV is the only introduction you’ll need. Ever. In fact, check out some archives to familiarize yourself. If you’ve been a faithful follower of Sixthman TV for years, you’re in for even more secrets and capers.

We’re a family of crazy people, doing crazy things, and every month, you’ll see a new aspect of our crazy. This month: The Sixthman Dictionary. It’s no secret we all have weird job titles, and this is your opportunity to learn about all of them- Ninjas, Warriors & Pirates, oh my!

Beat The Heat With Alaidriale

Oh hello. I’m Alaidriale. Or May. Or AlaidrialeMay. Or even Ms. Jackson… if you’re nasty. I’ve been at Sixthman for the past five years, so chances are you’ve seen me around. If not, Hi! And I’m sure we’ll meet soon. I’ve worn a good many hats here at Sixthman, but currently, I am the Guest Communications Coordinator. You know those stunning and informative emails pinging you at just the right time? That’s ME! Evil Email Genius. No big deal.

When I’m not going cross-eyed from HTML/Email madness, I’m usually either at bootcamp lifting heavy things, playing in the yard with my handsome boyfriend and two silly dogs, or sitting on a patio enjoying a refreshing adult beverage. On the off chance I’m not doing any of those things, there is a good chance I am cooking up a storm. Did I mention I love to cook? I even started a blog about it – http://bunnymadness.wordpress.com/. I hope to actually get better about updating it, but when you’re cooking, its hard to think about writing it all down. It is like painting- it just sort of happens and then you have (hopefully) this masterpiece of tastebud exploding awesomeness. In short, good cook, terrible blogger.

Enough about me though, lets talk about YOU. When I asked Chardy what I should blog about today (see terrible at blogging, above), he suggested I make a list of ways to beat the heat because… HOLY HEATWAVE BATMAN! If you are lucky enough to be in a reasonable climate, mazel tov. However if you are in any of the 27 states on this map, you feel me. Its about to be a sauna up in here. So what can you do?

It's hot! Real hot!

1. Hit The Pool. Now, I don’t have a pool per-se, but some of my friends do. And you know when new summer friendships are made? When you find out someone has a pool. Don’t like that new guy at work? Seven months out of the year he’s a real a$$h0#e, come June he’s just freaking precious. Buy him a beer after work and casually invite yourself swimming. You’re all set. However, if you don’t have any friends, or friends with pools, or people you dislike except that they have a pool and it is 100+ degrees outside, here’s what you do: Find a nice, large apartment complex. Somewhere you can settle in and spend the day. Chances are, there is a gate and the gate has a code. Not to worry. Walk up to the gate with purpose and yell “Rick!”. When someone turns to look at you (trust me at least one person will), Make eye contact and say “Hey, have you seen Rick? (Shake your head and roll your eyes like you are just SO put out and say:) I’ve been calling him to let me in. He was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago! Typical Rick!” At which point your new friend will probably let you in. BAM. Pool scored.
2. Popsicles. Sweet, frozen nuggets of awesome. You can make ‘em, you can buy ‘em, you can stalk King Of Pops on Twitter. No matter how you get them, popsicles are essential to summertime survival.
3. Boozesicles. Popsicles (see above) + Booze = WIN. The best way to take your mind off the heat? Boozesicles.
4. Don’t be a hero. In fact, don’t move. Limit breathing. Take off your pants and BE STILL. Movement = Heat. Pants = Heat. Breathing = Heat. Heat = Bad. Crank up the A/C and pretend you’re an icicle. Strap a coozie to the dog and teach her how to fetch beers. If you don’t have A/C, lay on your bathroom floor. The tile is cool. If you don’t have a dog, train your monkey butler to bring you all the things. Pro tip: Get A/C (And a dog AND a monkey butler. Trust me.)
5. Buy a new car. It is a scientific fact that new cars have top notch A/C. I just bought one because the thought of one more summer driving down the road stuck to leather seats while I try not to faint from heat stroke was just unbearable. Let me just say this: The A/C in that thing is like a Michigan winter. Worth every penny. Don’t think. Just buy. You can worry about things like “poor investments” and “gas mileage” in the fall.

Alright good people. That’s it. Questions? Comments? Know anyone in the Greater Atlanta Area with a sweet pool? You know what to do.

New Guy Gets A Blog Post.

Ben here. PR Manager for Sixthman. I’m the F*&$%ing new guy. FNG for short. At least that is what they refer to me as around the office. Hoping that’s gonna wear off soon. Anyway. I think you can tell a lot about a person from what they keep on their shelves, hide away in drawers, or stash in their backpack or purse. So instead of just giving it to you straight, I’m gonna let you take a look in my bag and let you make your own conclusions about who I am. First, some random facts about me to set the stage:

Random Facts: I can cook twenty minutes brownies in ten. I am fiercely loyal, so don’t cross me yo! Born and raised in Indiana. Go Colts. Go Hoosiers. Go Dawgs. I woo women with my sensuous and godlike trombone playing. I have a younger brother and younger sister. My family is very close. My parents = personal heroes. I am an abstract artist, a concrete analyst, and a ruthless bookie. I’ve spent nearly the last 15 years of my life in the entertainment industry – movies, film, and of course music. Favorite colors would be black and blue. I love living in the Inman Park area. My deft floral arrangement have earned my fame in international botany circles. I don’t think there is such a thing as bad pizza. My top favorite events ever in no order: Phish: The Clifford Ball, Xingolati Groove Cruise of the Pacific, Roger Waters: The Wall, Phish: Big Cypress. I’m not mad really, it’s just the way my sunglasses apparently make me look. On the weekends, to let off steam, I participate in full contact origami.

Randoms. I'm not the merrymaker. With a bowl haircut. My dog. And miss you beard. Soon.

Current Bag: OGIO Fugitive backpack. Just got it (it was a gift!) and so far I am liking it. Normally, I’m a messenger/briefcase kind of guy but with the traveling I’ve been doing lately, it’s nice to use both shoulders instead of just one. Also, it says Sixthman on it. That’s always cool too.

Laptop: While I lust after MacBook Airs and Retina display loaded Pros, I’m currently hauling a Mid-2009 MacBook Pro. Just upgraded to 8GB of RAM and it gets the job done. I’m a Mac user all the way and as you’ll find out, a pretty big Apple nerd.

Apple Multi-Touch Mouse. Needs this everyday, I do.

Phone: iPhone 4S. Again, Apple geek. Been using the iPhone since it came out and I’ve even stood in a couple of lines to be first in the store.

Phone Case: Gotta throw a mention to the Book Book iPhone case. It’s the best. It’s a wallet that holds my phone and looks like an antique book. I love it as much as I love my phone.

It's all the kind of important stuff.

iPhone Apps: They’re still technically in my bag, right? I have a couple of apps I use regularly – for productivity and fun. Currently, these are my most used:

  • Dark Sky –  (Best weather app for rain forecasting. Ever)
  • Social – (love Foursqure, Tweetbot, casual Instagram user even though photography is a hobby of mine, I think the Facebook app is terrible.)
  • Tripit and Kayak are both my go to travel apps
  • Clock – I probably use the timer app at least once a day. Mostly for cooking.
  • Shazam – Love Shazam. I tag stuff all the time, and it’s turned me on to some great new music. Especially helpful for identifying all the great music used in commercials these days.
  • Spotify – I’m not a paid member, but Spotify has been my go to music app lately when I want to listen to something I don’t own.

Moleskine Lined Notebook: I still love writing and nothing beats a Moleskine for taking notes and keeping a record of the day. I’m still having a hard time transitioning to all those fancy reminder and to-do apps when this book still serves its purpose better then anything else.

Pen: Pilot G-2 7mm Blue. I switch between black and blue pens. Love the quality of the ink this pen puts to paper and I usually have a couple of them on me, with the addition of an orange highlighter and a couple of fine point black sharpies, those are my tools.

Orbit Spearmint Gum. Bad breath is bad news.

The Anthony Diaz Folder. He’s our CMO, my direct boss and your tequila guy. He puts together amazing action reports for all of our upcoming events. I’m still a little old school in that I like to print these out and I keep them in a blue folder for go-to reference, idea jotting, and basically, so I’m never in the dark.

Headphones: I keep two pair in my bag. Your standard white apple ear buds that I mostly use when talking on the phone, because of the built in mic. The grand-daddies though are my Bose Quiet Comfort 15 over the ear noise canceling headphones. I think these are best headphones for the money. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the office or on a plane, these things keep ALL the noise out. And they sound amazing. Gift from my old man who taught me early on an appreciation for music and technology.

Passport: Don’t leave home without it. Ever. Worst photo ever. I might be mistaken for a terrorist. Seriously. It’s bad. Real bad.

Camera: Olympus XZ-1, this is a great point and shoot with some very fast glass. I love my big Nikon, but this camera gets preferential treatment due to its size. In addition to its speed, I love the old school aperture click the lens makes when you twist it.

Sixthman Mike’s Business Card: it was the first card I got when I started here, he was the first co-worker to take me to lunch, and it’s my go to place when I totally space on our address or office phone number. Plus, do you know Mike? He cracks me up. Love that guy.

Sixthman so far. Me with Chardy, Anthony, and the beautiful Sarah and Alex.

The Ultimate: my iPad. It’s not the newest version, but it’s my go-to device for pretty much all of my media consumption. It’s my virtual bookshelf, my music collection, basically my life.

Books I am reading: The Swiss Family Robinson (love reading the classics), Space Chronicles, Inside Apple, Stories For Airports, The Rum Diary (and yes, I am currently reading all of those books, I prefer to read several at a time) – note, as I write this blog, I just finished The Swiss Family Robinson. Great read.
Magazines I am reading: Newsweek, Backpacker, Distro, Wired, Popular Photography, & GQ
Games: Bejeweled Blitz, Angry Birds, Fairway Solitaire
Music: I keep my music collection organized through iTunes Match, and it’s loaded. Here’s what I am playing the most right now: Smashing Pumpkins/Oceania, Goyte/Making Mirrors, M83/Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, The Lumineers/The Lumineers, XX/XX, Grouplove/Never Trust A Happy Song, Hot Chip/In Our Heads, 311/Universal Pulse
iPad Apps: 

  • Photo Apps – I love post-processing photos on my iPad even more so then my computer these days. Here are my mine ones: Pixlromatic, Filterstorm, Snapseed, CameraBag, Dynamic Light, Plastic Bullet, PhotoStudioHD, OsmoLeaker
  • Productivity Apps – Mint, LogMeIn, GoodReader, eWallet, Tapose, Scanner Pro
  • Travel Apps – Tripit, Kayak, Flightboard & FlightTrack, Airport Ace
  • Reference Apps – Wikipanion, SkySafari, IMDb, Knot Guide HD

So, there you go. Deduce from it what you will. If we’ve never met, be sure to introduce yourself on the next cruise. It’s pretty likely I’ll be there. And if we’re not friends on Facebook, then find my profile – https://www.facebook.com/sixthmanben and let’s be friends. Love hearing about all of our guests and I’ve been trying to get to know a handful of you each week, so be sure to say hello. I’m happy to answer your questions about Sixthman events or why Chardy’s feet stink so bad.

Sixthman Sarah’s Ninja Notes

Hi! I am one of your friendly Sixthman Ninjas and I am also one of the newest faces around Sixthman.  So if you haven’t met me yet, I look forward to seeing you on board sometime!  Until then, here is a little bit about me!

Being born and raised in Southwest Florida, the beach is an inseparable part of my soul.  Napping on my blanket (and I mean full on snoring and I don’t care who can hear me), under my umbrella, with SPF properly applied would be my profession if that were even possible.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, who I met in marching band.  I don’t care how much that outs us as complete dorks.  We have been together exactly half of my life so far; I realize this is basically crazy talk.  But when you win the lottery, you don’t say, “no thanks, you keep the money, I’ll just take the next scratch off ticket, please.”

Hiking The Grand Canyon with my husband

Last year, I got to travel with my husband and 2 of our best friends to Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.  Not stay-in-a-lodge-and-take-pictures-from-the-boardwalk travel; hike-for-miles-with-30-pounds-of-gear-on-you-back-and-love-every-minute-of-it travel.  I can’t wait for the next adventure!  Taking the opportunity to see the beauty of the true wilderness in our world is something I hope everyone will do sometime in his or her life (even if you just take a picture from the boardwalk).

My previous jobs for the past 5 years have included working with animals from rats to dogs to elephants.  I know how glamorous that sounds, and in fact it is incredibly rewarding work, which I loved so very much.  But full disclaimer: for every 1 hour I spent doing what you are imagining I did (playing with animals); I spent at 3 or 4 hours scooping poop, cleaning and lifting heavy things like cat litter or hay bales.  I still loved it, but I don’t want to paint an inaccurate picture.

Have YOU ever had a camel inside your home?

I believe very much in the importance of using one’s talents/time to help others in some way.  From Pit Bulls to Poodles, in the past 4 years, I (with the support and help of my husband) have fostered/rescued somewhere around 25 dogs.  For most of that time I had 4 dogs of my own, plus the foster pooches.  It was sometimes chaotic, it was messy, but it has been my way to help.

Now you know a little of this and a little of that about me.  Except for 2 more random, but important facts: I HATE peanutbutter (this hatred rivals Jill Mac’s hatred of gum and Barb’s hatred of birds) and I LOVE to sing along to the radio, even though I definitely don’t have the voice for it.  That’s it for now, most likely the next time you will hear from me is when you call/email/live chat the office to book or ask questions about your favorite cruise!

Here’s a quick video of Sarah working with a few of our four legged co-workers: Leap Dogs

Siouxsie Says

I always wish I was more witty. You should know that about me. I love a good laugh and quick wit. It tells me that someone is smart, has a good sense of humor, and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Beards. I don't have one, but I love them.

I like beards. It’s a thing. Not everyone understands, and that’s okay. I have a beard tattoo.

If I’m not at work, I’m likely playing roller derby as Switchblade Siouxsie. If you’re not familiar with the resurgence of women’s flat track roller derby (check out www.wftda.com), it is a contact team sport on quad roller skates. Get familiar with it. It’s one of the fastest growing women’s sports. I did not grow up playing sports, and being involved in the Atlanta Rollergirls organization has saved my life and made me a better person. Also, I can kick your ass.

I started working at Sixthman about four years ago. I got the job because I was looking for something different, and my roller derby wife (aka awesome derby friend) May Q Beg had been surveying possible openings for me. I started as the office manager and failed miserably. Then I started working in guest services at which our little team did well and had fun together. However, that wasn’t my niche. I moved onto being a Warrior, and have recently become Warrior Chief. I lead the warriors and I’m responsible for the craziest party at sea, Kid Rock’s Chillin’ the Most Cruise.

I am passionate about life. I want to try everything once. I recently took on 30 challenges to finish before I turn 30. Turns out my friends and family want me to try everything from volunteering to Larping.

I love animals, specifically, I love dogs. I make a weird squealing noise every time I see a dog. My two pups, Penelope and Pistol, are the apples of my eye.

I was once an avid watcher of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I loved it. Donatello was my favorite because he had a purple mask. Purple was my favorite color. I’m not sure what my favorite color is now. I tend to turn red, and I have many bruises that are black and blue. So take that for what it is.

I am a vegetarian.

You don't want to cross Lisa on the derby tack. Photo by Atlanta Website Photographers

I don’t like mean people. It’s a lot harder to be mean or even full of yourself than it is to smile at a fellow human. I don’t care how cool you are, if you think you’re better than anyone else – you’re probably not. If you have a good heart, it will show, and I will like you.

I like just about any type of music. Right now I’m listening to Spotify and I’ve made a The Constellations radio station. A few of us in the office went to see The Constellations this week. I have also been known to sing along to classic rock, hip hop, country, monster ballads, punk, rockabilly, indie, blue grass, etc. etc.

I love almonds. Anything almond. Almond milk, almond scented lotion, almond oil, raw almonds. I secretly snack on them in bed.

I have a degree in English Literature with a  focus on creative writing and a minor in Psychology.

I once owned my own webzine. I was also once the music editor for a tattoo magazine, and I even interned at a business women’s magazine.

I like to write. Which is why this blog has turned out to be so long. If you see me on the boat, be sure to introduce yourself and say hello!