Meet the Sixthman Office Dogs!

One of the most fun things about our Atlanta-based office is that we usually have a few pups hanging around. Take a moment to meet the regulars!



Owners: Jen & Matt
Breed: Portuguese Podengo Medio + Muppet
Age: No one really knows… probably 16+ human years, 90-ish in dog years.
Fun fact: She’s afraid of the edge of the fake grass “carpet” in the office. When she needs to cross the edge to get on or off of it, she jumps way over it, as if it were a ledge. Totally unnecessary.
Hashtag: #mydogthemuppet


Owner: Jill
Breed: Toy Poodle
Age: 2 human years, 24 dog years
Fun fact: She loves to give high fives!
Hashtag: #PixiePeasPlace *coming soon* 


Owner: Carlee
Breed: Boykin Spaniel
Age: 4 human years, 32 dog years
Fun fact: He's a wild child. He's got a lot to say and more energy than most 6-month old puppies. He's always the first to let us konw when there's an intruder (aka mailman) in the office. 
Hashtag: #coopergramz (Ignore the silly white dog. He invaded a couple of years ago. My Cooper was first!)


Owner: Jon
Breed: Great Dane + Weimaraner Mix
Age: 4 human years, 32 dog years
Fun fact: Stella is the largest dog in the history of SXM office dogs.
Hashtag: picturesofstella


Owners: Natalie
Breed: Llewellin Setter
Age: 5 months in human time... toddler in doggie time.
Fun fact: Kevin sleeps on his back with all his legs spread into the air... weirdo! 
Hashtag: #misterkevindean or #softkevin


Owner: Ashley
Breed: Potcake (Really, look it up.) She's a mixed breed rescue so I'm not exactly sure. Her vet says she's likely part Whippet and Lab.
Age: 2 1/2 human years, 17 1/2 dog years. 
Fun fact: She was voted "Most Likely To Steal Your Chair" at the 2016 Sixthman Advance. She has more than earned that title. Ask anyone.
Hashtag: #lennongramz


Owner: Lauraine
Breed: Australian Shepherd
Age: 11 human years, 65 dog years
Fun fact: She's the unofficial office greeter - we're usually one of the firsts in the office and she'll run out to greet everyone at the door as they come in. She loves to roll around on the lawn during a Sixthman Session, or when I'm talking at a staff meeting.


Owner: Elise
Breed: Labradoodle
Age: 10 months, so approx. 10 human years
Fun fact: He has a bad case of “Resting Sad Face” and the most impressive vertical jump.
Hashtag: #ItsMillerTime

Keep track of all of our canine co-workers, plus some of our favorite doggie visitors by viewing the #sxmofficedog feed! For now, I'll leave you with a gallery featuring a few fun general office dog shots!