Sixthman Artists Share Their Favorite Albums Of 2017...

What I love most about what we do at Sixthman is that we get to work with gifted artists and musicians each and every day. This year, we asked a few of them to share their favorite albums of 2017. In turn, we could share with you a piece of them and discover new music together. 

While Sixthman provides the ship, it’s you and the artists that build, foster, and cultivate the communities that exist aboard each of our events and carry us from one year to the next. I find it so special how often you’ll see names appear on these lists, and you realize the artists met for the first time on board, or performed on the boat together...sometimes both! It truly is a beautiful thing the admiration and camaraderie we all share for one another as listeners, as performers, as Sixthman. 

In no particular order, we’ve compiled the artist lists below - as well, a playlist for your listening pleasure (pro tip · click the play button below and listen as you read along!). I hope you’ll spot an artist or three you already love and discover your next favorite band while you’re at it. Never stop listening, sharing, and caring about music. Thanks a bunch and enjoy...

- Trae


Sixthman Events: Cayamo

Dan Reeder - Nobody Wants To Be You
The best 10 minute record ever made. Like getting a decade lost postcard from my strangest old friend. "The Pond in the Park"

Lee Ann Womack - The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone
Raising the bar on soulful perfection. “Long Black Veil”

Valerie June - The Order Of Time
Pulling from everywhere and stirring it up, with each recording she is perfecting her vision. nobody can tell her what to do. “If And”

Noam Pikelny - Universal Favorite
At times channeling Washington Phillips, other times . entering the unexplored, “Folk Bloodbath"

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound
Everybody’s favorite, for a good reason. I’m glad there is a Jason and Amanda. Sometimes good things happen. “If We Were Vampires"

Kronos Quartet - Folk Songs
These cats are usually too clinical and smart for me, but this is some of the most beautiful string arrangements, treatments, and vocals of classic folk songs… especially Olivia Chaney's “Ramblin' Boy"

2017 was also a great reissue year:
George Jones - Birth of a Legend
6 CD Box Set of the complete Starday/Mercury recordings. It is incredible to hear one of the world’s greatest singers find his voice. “Tender Years"

George Barnes - Country Jazz
One of my favorite guitar players started out playing country and blues and had a sense of humor that jumps out of the grooves on the vinyl reissue of this incredible record. “Bluetail Buzz"

Bob Dylan - Trouble In Mind
10 CD / 1 DVD Deluxe Box Set - this period was dismissed on release, but deeply resonated with me. It holds some of Dylan’s most connected vocals ever. Jim Keltner’s right foot is worth the price of admission. …and… Regina McCrary!!! "What Can I Do for You? (Live in Toronto)"

+ Justin Wiseman, The Rocketboys

Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Sixthman Sessions at Sea

Hey this is Justin -- Here are the albums that got me feeling inspired this year!

Ty Richards - Zillion
Ty was a sound/production volunteer on a gig I was playing. We struck up a conversation over some vintage synth gear. I had no idea he even wrote music at all until this album came out, and it just completely blew my socks off. All of the sounds and production are so creative and fresh (especially for being sort of neo-blues which has been overdone a little lately in my opinion), it's just not even fair for the rest of us music-makers!

Perfume Genius - No Shape
Ironically I came across this artist on the show goofy (but so so funny) HBO show Vice Principals, but I got hooked after reading some stories about the singer Mike Hadreas. Basically about how he overcame a lot of insecurities from coming out as gay, being bullied, etc. But there some songs are so huge and powerful and I was just blown away by that juxtaposition... And it's so creative and dynamic throughout the album that it really inspired me!

Hembree - Had It All
Everything about the aesthetic of this album is so good. Conventional songwriting and super accessible songs, but in an incredibly creative textural way. Like every section of every song has so many tasty nuggets of sound and it's also cohesively, refreshingly unique overall. I feel they are the culmination of all the current biggest rock bands and "cool" alternative pop-indie bands right now, but honestly to me, they are way more interesting than any other stuff going on in either genre.

Slowdive - Slowdive
I'll admit, I wasn't super aware of this band back in the 90s or the story of their legacy following their short career. But I came onto their new album from an episode of the podcast Song Exploder right before having to do an overnight drive from San Francisco to Portland, and I listened to this album like 5 times --- it's the ultimate late night driving album! Or if you're not driving, you can close your eyes and this album just takes you to this place (which is one of my favorite qualities of music) -- it's so beautifully melancholic.

Mavis Staples - If All I Was Was Black
Mavis Staples' album You're not Alone is one of my favorites of all time, and after a couple of hers following that didn't resonate as much with me, this album got me. She's a great voice of reason in her own special gospel way, and with Jeff Tweedy's quirky, creative production, it's just so cool.


Sixthman Events: Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea · The Rock Boat · Cayamo

Queens Of The Stone Age - Villains
QOTSA continue to pump out edgy rock ’n’ roll for the people! The riff on “The Way You Used To Do” will get in your head and stay there.

Suzanne Santo - Ruby Red
There aren’t many records you can just put on and play in their entirety, but this is one. The whole album is flavored with a bluesy-rootsy sensibility. Suzanne’s voice is mesmerizing.

Chris Stapleton - From A Room: Volume 1
The songwriter of our generation! “Up To No Good Livin’” is one of those songs you listen to and then have to spin again… and again. Stapleton’s simplicity and cleverness leaves a body in awe.

Kendrick Lamar - Damn.
Kendrick Lamar has a lot to say... And beyond that, the musicality of this album is stunning.

Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold
Another classic Foo Fighters’ record! “Make It Right” has a heavy riff that’ll blow your doors off.


Sixthman Events: The Outlaw Country Cruise · Kid Rock’s Chillin’ The Most · The Rock Boat · Sailing Southern Ground · Simple Man Cruise · Gimme Three Days

Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real - Self-Titled
Gregg Allman - Southern Blood
The Magpie Salute - Live
Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Barefoot In The Head


Sixthman Events: Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea · Cayamo

Lucius - Good Grief (2016)
I’m usually late to the party on cool new bands. This is a prime example. The new record “Good Grief” is so great. Killer harmonies and great tunes. I’m a sucker for fun sounds and this album is full of them!

Theo Katzman - Heartbreak Hits
Theo Katzman is one of the members of the band Vulfpeck. His solo material is decidedly more “singer-songwriter-y” but has no shortage of jaw dropping musicianship. The songs are honest, the playing is killer and his voice is AMAZING.

Alabama Shakes - Sound and Color (2015)
I could listen to the intro of the opening track over and over. I’m repeating myself here but the sounds and the songs on this one. Produced by one of my favourites, Blake Mills, the sounds are outrageous and the songs brilliant.

Doyle Bramhall II - Rich Man (2016)
DBII is one of my all-time heroes. I’ve worn out each of his records over my life, but Rich Man is a masterpiece as far as I’m concerned. The guitar tones are off the charts and of course his playing is beautiful. Again, the sounds are gorgeous and full. A desert island album for me, for sure.

Terry Evans - Blues for Thought (1994)
Terry Evans was one of Ry Cooder’s back-up singers and this is his solo record. Such a fun record!! Ry makes a few appearances on it and plays fantastically. “Get Your Lies Straight” is a stand out tune for me. His singing is so soulful and the playing is WICKED!!!


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Cayamo · Sixthman Sessions at Sea

Jason Isbell - The Nashville Sound
This is obvious. Not only do I drool over his musicianship and the sound of production, listening to Isbell is like eating your vegetables for a songwriter. You ain’t gonna get any better if you don’t take in the good stuff.

Wheeler Walker Jr. - ‘Ol Wheeler
Dave Cobb played me Wheeler Walker Jr. for the first time in his studio in 2014 as just another project he was working on. As much as I laughed my ass off, sometimes it feels good to bust on what’s being called “Country” today by mainstream label/radio standards, and Wheeler allows us to do just that. Wheeler knows who he is and does what he wants. This album doesn’t let up. God bless him.

Marty Stuart - Way Out West
I’ve toured with Marty Stuart, and I’d be damned if I didn’t admit that he put on the best show I’ve ever seen. Not only are his band members equipped with that mystical, seasoned skill you can only find in Nashville, they have distinct and polished personalities that shine through on and off the stage. Marty leads the way with poise and an undying confidence, and it gleams through on his new album. A huge inspiration for me.

Andrew Combs - Canyons Of My Mind
Andrew is a friend of mine. We’ve played every setting from the typical co-bill, to Mountain Stage, to an acoustic round at The Bluebird. The guy writes a beautiful song and sings the hell out of it. This album is a wonderful testament to that.

Living Colour - Shade
This selection comes with more of just a funny story.. My label takes part in a retailers event every year in Miami where labels schmooze record retailers from Best Buy to local “ma and pop” shops. My label as well as one other, Megaforce, got the go-ahead to present one of their acts to the retailers as sort of their secret schmooze weapon. So my band and I load-in for the show and find out then and there that Living Colour was the other act on the bill. Co-bill.. yeah. Just us. To make matters even more interesting, because of a scheduling issue, we had to go on after them. So yeah, Living Colour opened for us. Not only did they turn the back of this event space into a sweaty metal show, they also blew up the sound system 3 times. We then proceeded with our Americana show.. Anyways, they blew up that sound system with this new record, and it rocked.


Sixthman Events: Sail Across The Sun · The Rock Boat · Cayamo · Ships and Dip

Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Souvenir
The thing I love about Drew’s music is that it’s always great. I might like one song even more than another, but I always dig the songs and the way the music makes me feel. That’s how it is with the great artists. What’s particularly impressive about Souvenir is that it’s the follow up to a string of excellent records and it gives the listener the feeling that Drew will never make a bad album.

Welshly Arms - Legendary EP
Obviously I’m completely biased because I was in a band with Sam Getz for half a decade and have worked with this group over the years, but are you kidding?! What a phenomenal rock band and these songs like “Who We Are” & “Legendary” are the good kind of hits. They’re moving, modern and cool. Phenomenal music.

Ed Sheeran - Divide
I was running a 5K with my oldest daughter Sophia when I discovered this record. I had been somewhat resistant to a full embrace of Ed’s music due largely to the lyric “I’ll love you 'til you’re 70” which seemed far too young to cap a love affair (silly I know, but hey, I fancy myself a true romantic). As I listened to the lyrics on this record I was so blown away I kept taking out an earphone and saying “Ed Sheeran’s awesome”, to which Sophia would roll her eyes and be like “everyone knows this dad!”

Lori McKenna - Bird and the Rifle (2016)
Ok the truth is that I am aware this record was actually released in 2016 and should not qualify for being on this list, BUT it was released in the fourth quarter and I didn’t get to hear it until early 2017. It is my absolute favorite. I get the catch in the throat every time I hear “Halfway Home” and “Humble & Kind”. Lori has always been real and wonderful, but this record captures the power of a magnificent songwriter at the peak of her powers. I don’t feel like I’ve ever heard songs that cover content like “Old Men Young Women” with so much grace. This one goes in the cannon.

Emily Hearn - Paris, or Wherever We Are
Emily’s last album Hourglass is a personal all-time favorite. It’s something our family rallies around, so we have been eagerly awaiting new music and were psyched to hear new songs from her. It’s the kind of music that when you get on an early morning flight and feel like you might burst into tears from exhaustion, finishes the job for you. It feels like a friend telling you that 'you’re a good person’ and 'you will be ok’. Who doesn’t need that in their life?


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Cayamo

I have had a crazy year of touring, so I listened to a lot of the folks we toured with, as well as a few new albums.

Willie Nelson - God’s Problem Child
We had significant dream come true this year touring for a few weeks with Willie Nelson. This is his newest album and we have had it on regular rotation. He is a legend. I got to sing with him a few nights of the tour, singing Hank Williams, “I Saw the Light” and a few other classic gospel songs.

Sean McConnell - Self-Titled (2016)
Sean opened a large portion of our spring Souvenir Tour. Every night he had the crowd in the palm of his hand with just his guitar, his songs, and his ridiculous voice.

Vulfpeck - The Finish Line
This band is one of my favorite discoveries. “Running Away” is an absolute jam.

Lee Ann Womack - The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone
One of the most fun things I've been able to do this year is curate monthly selections of vinyl for my subscription service, Magnolia Record Club. Because of that, I got a sneak peak of this record and couldn't wait to share it with our subscribers. This is one of the tightest, livest, most soulful performances I have ever heard. She is definitely making the most authentic music of her career, in my opinion.

Rhiannon Giddens - Freedom Highway
The songs were recorded in deep south Louisiana in wooden rooms that pre-date the Civil War. The walls have stories, as they say, and Rhiannon lets the stories into her songwriting. This album is a genre-defying act of unity and solidarity, saying to us that while we are all very different, we are all very similar.


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat

Sean McConnell - Undone
I was just introduced to Sean McConnell's music about a month ago by fellow rock boater/BFF, Steve Everett. He told me to check out this acoustic rendition of his previous full production release and I haven't been able to stop listening since. This album was such a breath of fresh air for me - just a dude, an acoustic guitar, and freaking amazing songs.

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound
One of my all-time favorite writers. If this album simply consisted of "If We Were Vampires" 10 times in a row, I'd probably still buy the vinyl and listen often, but of course it's so much more. The genius of Isbell's poetic story-telling is incredibly rare. The more you listen, the more you discover the hidden lyrical gems woven into these timeless songs.

Zac Brown Band - Welcome Home
I've always felt a strong connection between Zac Brown's music and Melodime's. He writes about the same stuff that inspires us: hometown roots, family, love, and the struggles and joys that accompany all those things. They're no strangers to years of slogging it out on the road and telling their stories with southern twang on top of a rock n roll foundation. Their hard-nosed mentality and loyal commitment to the music is one of the most admirable things to me.

Old Dominion - Happy Endings
This might be considered my "guilty pleasure" album, but whatever. The songs are damn good and a solid representation of the modern day romance, in my opinion. "Written in the Sand" is probably the favorite for me.

John Mayer - The Search For Everything
I've loved most everything John Mayer has put out and this album is no exception. As someone who really values family and my relationship with my brothers, this lyric from "In the Blood" hits me deep: "how much like my brothers do my brothers wanna be / does a broken home become another broken family / or will we be there for each other like nobody ever could / does it wash out in the water or is it always in the blood”


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Cayamo · Sixthman Sessions at Sea

Ryan Adams - Prisoner
I love the sounds and textures on this one. But more than that, I am obsessed with the way Ryan let’s us into his invisible suffering. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and this album really gave a voice to something that can’t really be described.

Mary J. Blige - Strength Of A Woman
I just adore Mary J. She speaks her mind in ways that make you relate to her. No matter how high you climb in this world, women still go through the same things. Mary j is a queen. Period.

Lizzo - Truth Hurts
This is a single, but listen, Lizzo is epic. She mixes her sharp wit with these beats, and it is just so sassy, it makes you crave this song. It’s the jam, and you know it. Plus I love her because she’s a real sized women like me, and she’s not afraid to show it all.

Mavis Staples - If All I Was Was Black
If there was ever a time for Mavis, honey it’s now. When I think of all the musicians out there saying something about the state of the world, there’s no one I would rather hear it from then Mavis. This album takes you back to the protest songs of the 60’s, but yet it’s so modern.

The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding
I love this band. Their longevity gives me hope. They take chances. Big ones, and I love it. This album is full of imagination. The War on Drugs values creativity over virtuosity and that’s what makes this album so special.


Sixthman Events: Sail Across The Sun

Bruno Major - A Song for Every Moon
An amazing singer/songwriter that dares to bring jazz guitar into the 21s century. Imagine Nick Drake singing over the rhythm section of D’Angelo’s “Voodoo,” but updated. This album is very much a late-night-vibe effort, but it doesn’t lose sight of what’s important: Great songs.

Ryan Adams - Prisoner
I’d drop this into my top 2017 picks if we can include it as the final chapter of his current trilogy. The self-titled album (2014), the 1989 album (2015), and now “Prisoner” are a full return to form. This is great rock and roll - both raw and impeccably played. The songs as always, are masterful.

Julia Michaels - Various
This artist is making a statement - not with an album, but as a songwriter. She landed on the radar by penning smashes for Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and more. She had her first major hit as an artist this year with “Issues”, and her “Nervous System” mini-album announces her as a force to be reckoned with. A super fresh and honest voice.


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Sixthman Sessions at Sea

The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding
A lot different than the music we make but that’s what makes it such a good traveling soundtrack! I’m always on the hunt for good airplane tunes and this was my fave from 2017.

Spoon - Hot Thoughts
I've never been disappointed by one of their albums, but this one raised the bar again! Great tunes and killer production! Spoon is always creatively inspiring!

Liam Gallagher - As You Were
Long awaited and Probably my favorite album of the year. It’s also the the first from the former Oasis frontman. I grew up a huge oasis fan and an even bigger Liam fan as a kid of the 90’s. We (Welshly Arms) actually got to play a festival this last summer (Rock AM Ring) in Germany. I was hoping I’d get to run into him at some point. Then I actually did... I was walking into the bathroom and I walked quite literally right into his face... pretty embarrassing but he was actually pretty cool about it.

Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest
Probably my second pick just underneath “as you were” is Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “Rest”. It’s also her first record back in 8 years. I’ve been a long standing fan of hers through her films and her records and this one does not disappoint!

St. Vincent - Masseducation
An artist that never fails to impress. Inspiring to watch her push the boundaries of her art yet in a way become more accessible.

The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
We spent a very decent portion of 2017 traversing across the US in our van and I associate a lot of new music with where I was driving at the time. I remember taking an early morning shift while the rest of the gang was sleeping and the sun rising … was the right record for that morning.

Jaden Smith - SYRE
Hats off to Jaden Smith with his new record entitled "SYRE" and his sister Willow with her debut entitled "The 1st". Although these two have shown that they differ in their musical taste and aesthetic, it’s abundantly clear that they come from “good ground”. The refined millennials that are Jaden and Willow have skillfully executed a refreshing take on today’s pop culture. As both a parent and an artist, I am equally satisfied with their contribution to music and pop culture.


Sixthman Events: Sail Across The Sun

Passafire - Longshot
We got a sneak peek of this while recording with Ted at his studio. EVERY SONG is great and we can’t stop playing it.

Kendrick Lamar - Damn
We've always been Kendrick Lamar fans, and for this record to drop while on tour in Florida, we definitely wore this album out.

A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from here. Thank you for your service. (2016)
“We The People” has a strong message that’s needed in society.

Vulfpeck - Mr. Finishline
New age Funk has been perfected. Great band that brings humor into their videos and innovates everything musically.

The Wood Brothers - Live At The Barn
Such a good documentation of professionals putting on a show and conveying the song lists emotion. Rock n Roll Blues


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Run The Jewels - 3 (2016)

I’m a big Run The Jewels fan... EL P and Killer Mike do some major damage on this new CD..

Bruno Mars - 24K Magic (2016)

this dude kills it, one of the greats in my book. Went to see him in Vegas and it was non-stop get down good times...

311 - Mosaic

this is one of the best CDS these guys have put out and I’ve been touring with the boys for over 20+ years... the track “city’s on fire” is my jam!!! Catch em live

Chris Stapleton - From A Room: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Chris Stapleton has a rockin line up of good songs on his new CD

Keith Urban - Ripcord (2016)
Keith Urban has a great new album … The track with Pitbull “Sun Goes Down” I think it’s called ... fuego!!

J Balvin - Energía
J Balvin is killing it these days and the song he’s a guest MC on “Mi Gente” is a world-wide dance floor killer ...


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Sixthman Sessions at Sea

Alternate Routes - Live in Pawling
This record really captures the magic that the band has playing together. It’s no secret Tim Warren is one of my all-time favorite singers…ever…in the whole world…I tell anyone and all who will listen. Taryn Chory [backing vocals] not only blends with Tim but adds a whole dimension to the music that really brings the emotion of these tracks to higher levels. That being said, Eric Donnelly is one of my favorite guitar players as well, and his musicality and passion really shines on this record for me. The guy is amazing. Plus...Kurt Leon [drums] and Ian Tait [bass] play with such creativity and style, that you can’t help but be moved. Bobby Yang’s violins and Matt Beck's piano and pedal steel are always spectacular.

Garrison Star and The Wealthy West - Lovey Dovey
The song “That Could Be Us” just might be "the perfect song” Brandon Kinder [Wealthy West] is one of the coolest and most talented people I’ve ever met. We have stayed up way too late way too many times talking about life and music and I’m always looking forward to the next time we get to hang. I don’t know Garrison Star but her vocals are on this record make you feel as if she is singing right to you. Brandon’s production is always killer.

Amy Gerhartz - Fire
Simply put, this record is awesome. Amy is a wonderful songwriter and deserves every bit of success she has coming her way! She is a great singer but also a great entertainer. I have been lucky enough to play some shows with her where I’ve seen her bring a whole crowd to tears and lift them right back up and have them all laughing and partying! Go see her.

Sixthman Sessions - VOL. 4 (2018)
OHHHHH BOYYYEEEE!!!!!! Ok, so this record isn’t out yet but I’m very excited about it. The talent this year was inspired and inspiring.

Here is the lineup this year…

  • Christian Lopez
  • Sarah Potenza
  • Ian Crossman (Sarah Potenza)
  • Noah Guthrie
  • Brandon Kinder (The Rocketboys)
  • Justin Wiseman (The Rocketboys)
  • Brooks Mason (The Georgia Flood)

To put 7 people who have never met on a boat and have them come together to do anything productive in 3 and 1/2 days is a feat. Make them all musicians and ask them to write and record a CD in that time is just silly, goofy …dangerous…but once again, they did it… and they did it right!! I’m the lucky one who gets to record all the songs, so I’m there for every note played and sung. I get to watch these artists walk in the room excited to record what they just wrote. It’s a job I don’t take lightly. The artists this year really bonded and it shows in the subject matter and the cohesion of the songs. They were VERY diverse personally and musically, which I feel totally makes this years [and every years] record very special.

Christian Lopez is so bright and was always making us laugh while singing his ass off. He literally would only need a take or two and we would have his vocals down….a real talent.

Sarah Potenza is a true force of nature and one of the finest singers and people I’ve met in this crazy business… She does a lot of singing on this record and you WILL be a fan after hearing her.

Ian Crossman is a super cool guy who I really enjoyed hanging with! He always had a great idea on hand and brought his Baritone guitar skills to one of the tracks and totally floored everyone!

Noah Guthrie…I asked him during the first song we recorded together…”When did you first know you how good you were?” I was floored. Being in a room with him singing is something everyone reading this MUST do! Don’t miss his shows!!!

Brandon Kinder, who is a returning Sessioneer, is what we, Jen, Chardy and myself call a “Ringer”. Put him in a writing room with a ferret and a toaster and he will be the glue that makes the song great. His way of singing and delivering a song is so personal and believable. This is a talent way beyond just singing great and is what separates great SINGERS from great ARTISTS. He is an ARTIST through and through.

Justin Wiseman was such a huge part of this whole record. He was the only real keyboardist ….we all dabble but he IS one. Thanks God, because his parts were brilliant and he is so quick in the studio….he would learn a tune and get it right in one or two takes. A true talent and a producers dream. But above all that he really shined as a writer in this whole process.

Brooks Mason is one of the nicest BadAss MoFo’s to grace TRB. The guy is real. He plays the shit out of the guitar and sings with a ton of passion and a healthy dose of "down home" grit that totally excited me every time he walked in the room to record. He was a joy to be around and when he sang lead on one of the songs, I found myself pumping my fist in the air like i was at a huge concert….even though I was in a cabin on a boat.

Again, I don’t take my role in making the Sessions records lightly and I assure you I mean every word. It was a joy and a privilege to be around these amazing people… this year and every year. I urge you to go to the show and hear the stories behind the tunes get the record while on TRB. In this world of Auto Tune perfection and records that take a year to make, its refreshing to hear what can be done in 3 1/2 days.


Sixthman Events: Cayamo

Colter Wall - Colter Wall
Hiss Golden Messenger - Hallelujah Anyhow
Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound
John Moreland - Big Bad Luv
Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights
Kendrick Lamar - Damn
Nikki Lane - Highway Queen
The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding
Turnpike Troubadours - A Long Way From Your Heart
Tyler Childers - Purgatory


Sixthman Events: The KISS Kruise · Chris Jericho’s Rock N Wrestling Rager At Sea

Harry Styles - Harry Styles
If any album ever appeared to come out of left field, it was the debut album by Harry Styles, simply titled… Harry Styles. A mix of 70’s rock influence and soulful ballads, this sounds and feels like a truly honest collection of meaningful songs from beginning to end. Maybe you’re tired of hearing “Sign of the Times” endlessly on the radio, but any music lover must give the rest of this record a fair chance; it will not disappoint.

Liam Gallagher - As You Were
It’s strange when you realize Oasis disbanded almost a full 10 years ago, but after all this time Liam Gallagher has finally released his debut solo record, and it’s everything you’d want it to be. Standout tracks like “Paper Crown,” “For What It’s Worth,” and “Chinatown” show a broad range of pop/rock songwriting that leaves the listener humming the melodies after hearing them only once. You really don’t need to be in any particular mood or state of mind to listen to this record, the music speaks for itself and gives you all the moods you could ask for.

Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold
This album sounds HUGE! Big drums, lush harmonies, and pristine guitar tones. It's comforting to know that a band who have made so many albums to date haven't given up getting more creative with each album and pushing their boundaries.

Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
We weren't sure what to expect when it was announced that Mark Ronson would be producing this album and the results are surprising in the best way. It certainly sounds like a QOTSA record, but Ronson's involvement only enhances it. In a world of singles, this album is a cohesive piece of work and, if you haven't listened, is worth hearing cover to cover.

Chris Stapleton - From A Room: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
What a phenomenal songwriter and his voice is just ridiculous. With a voice like that, it doesn't matter what words he's saying, BUT his words have a way of pulling at the heart strings, punching you in the gut, and leaving you smiling at the same time. We wanna be just like him when we grow up.


Sixthman Events: The Rock Boat · Walker Stalker Cruise · Gimme Three Days · The Rock Slope

Larkin Poe - Peach
I love the vocals and slide guitar. I’m in a blues phase right now and this is very blues based. They have their signature sound regardless of what style they play. Very soulful.

The Chainsmokers - Memories… Do Not Open
I love this record. I'm not typically an electronic music guy - but this record is fantastic. I wish I wrote “Something just like this. It sounds to me like singer songwriter melodies and stories that happen to sit on top of this smart electronic canvas. It's clever and poignant - like a guy with an acoustic guitar could play it on your couch and it would still be cool. But - the way the songs use space early - and then build slowly from start to finish with catchy but powerful simple and huge singable grooves is undeniable.

Ed Sheeran - Divide
I love that Ed Sheeran can be a star in todays world. I love that great songwriting and great delivery can be enough… And whether he leans stylistically more into his singer-songwriter identity - or into a slicker Pop sound - it just always works. "Castle on the Hill” may have been written about being a kid growing up in a small town in England - but it coulda been any town USA..

Midland - On The Rocks
Sounds so fresh because it sounds so classic. No tricks… Old school country with a smooth early Eagles and Crosby Stills & Nash vibe - especially with the harmonies. What’s not to love..

The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
The production is awesome. The songs are clever and well crafted. But my favorite part is that there's a sense of humor and irony that runs alongside the epicness (if that's even a word).


Sixthman Events: 27
Saltiness: 127 Days at Sea

SUSTO - & I’m Fine Today
I’ve enjoyed this band since discovering them a couple of years back. There’s something so honest in Justin’s voice, it reals you in, and never lets go. “Cosmic Cowboy” and “Hard Drugs” are favorites on this release.

Faye Webster - Self-Titled
Faye is a beautiful person and this is a beautiful album. “Alone Again” and “She Won’t Go Away” are standout tracks. This album just sounds so good, the music compliments her voice so well, a soothing rainy day record through and through.

Foo Fighters - Concrete & Gold
Foo Fighters grabbed my rock n roll heart in the midst of my adolescence and so they will always be near and dear to me with each and every release. I don’t feel like their recent albums were lacking in any certain way, but Concrete & Gold is a return to form. The end of “Make It Right” is a testament to this, it’s blistering with golden era 70’s classic rock influence, and is reason for any other rock band to at least consider putting their guitars down for good because to even attempt to compete would be a fatal sin.

Charley Crockett - Lil G.L.’s Honky Tonk Jubilee
A collection of classics that feels all his own. Listen to this album and go see Charley live. It’s a special experience and it’s authentic, blending the best of his influences from Texas to New York to New Orleans and everything in between. This guy cooks up the good stuff, and I like what he’s stirring in the pot.

Madison Lewis - Back To The Blue
Madison is only something like 14 or 15 years old, it's really kind of ridiculous how special her voice is. I first saw her at the revered Eddie's Attic Open Mic finals (of which she recently took home top honors). From the moment she began to sing, it was clear that she's wise far beyond her years. A truly special talent destined for great things ahead, keep on being awesome, Madison!

Mr. Byrd - Steel Cold Train EP
Under the monikier Mr. Byrd, Jeremy Byrd quietly released a delightfully sweet and whimsical collection of love songs. K.S. Rhoads' production is on point capturing Byrd's sincerity in its utmost. While only four songs, we're taken on a musical journey reminiscent of a Burton meets Across The Universe cinematic landscape. I love it, and I can't wait to hear more.

*If you made it this far, thanks a plenty for reading! Enjoy yourself a glass of egg blog -- I mean, eggnog -- this holiday season and much love to you and yours from the entire Sixthman family.