Life Behind the Scenes, Sixthman Interns Tell All!

The end of each sailing season is filled with equal parts high- five fatigue, lingering boat dumb brain and long lists of neglected chores. It also coincides with the end of school and beginning of summer. As the Sixthman team take time to re-charge our batteries this summer our amazing interns graduate and head into the real world. The Sixthman intern experience is one unlike any other, from assisting with launching events to holding down the fort when we’re away at sea our interns see all the behind the scenes action at Sixthman. Read on as our interns recap their time spent at Sixthman HQ!

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*Intern Kelsey Naddra on board Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi

Rebecca Medina, Marketing Intern

Where do I begin? There has been so much that I have learned and absolutely loved while interning here at Sixthman that I don’t think I can put it into a small paragraph, but let’s go with this: I learned that this is a company that prides itself in experiences and helping people make the best memories, not only for guests, but for its people. I haven’t felt more at home anywhere else, and everyone has been nothing but warm and welcoming. I had the wonderful opportunity to see all of the hard work everyone puts in first hand on Walker Stalker cruise, and was blown away by the excitement, hard work, and pure joy everyone had while working. It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life, and would do it again in a heartbeat. I have had the joy of working with an amazing team (Marketing whoooooo!) that has guided me every step of the way and taught me the ins and outs of connecting with our guests (and LOTS of social posts). Overall, the time I have spent here is unforgettable (even for my friends and family because they have heard me talk about this opportunity nonstop). So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


Carolina Ervolino, Warrior Intern

Interning at Sixthman has been a great opportunity and I am very grateful that I got to live such experience. Sixthman is not only a workplace, but it is a community. Everyone is willing to help each other so if anything comes up there is always someone right next to you to help. I have always been a person who loves projects so I was assigned with a lot of post-cruises projects from listing the most favorite artist on the cruises to post event recaps. These projects are very used to make the next cruise even better than the prior one; and this is what Sixthman is all about! One of my favorite projects besides the ones I completed as warrior was a Paraoke project where I had to listen to all the songs that were going to be sang on the event – aka I had a private jam session on my own at the office and it was pretty fun! Sixthman has given me the opportunity to intern in the entertainment business, which is something I’ve always been passionate about. I am sure that I will carry this experience for the longest time and I will not forget the people that have crossed my path in here!


Julianna Smaltz, Marketing Intern

These past two semesters of my college career, I experienced nothing but warm welcome and instructive guidance from Sixthman’s marketing team. I remember exclaiming to my mother, “You can sit wherever you want! And there’s free coffee! And people bring their dogs!” The team felt more like a family than a group of individuals. And they let me be myself, making the work easier and more enjoyable to perform. Within the marketing department, I practiced social listening with various audiences in all of Sixthman’s social media accounts. I observed the cruisers’ personalities, attitudes, music interests, and the kind of content they appreciate viewing. I researched high-quality and relevant content–articles, album releases, and images for all cruise socials. I wrote copy for posts, which helped me to tailor my voice into different personalities while pulling quotes from interviews, press releases, and articles. This showed me how the marketing team trusted me to get the job done and do it creatively, which made me feel depended upon and hands-on. From all the differing tasks, I really liked getting into Sixthman’s surveys: I see how they gain precious consumer feedback from the questions they poll, and not only read the complaints and praises, but use the knowledge to make the next cruise even better. Based on my experience at Sixthman, I have a better understanding of how I want to work, what a team should feel like, and the importance of rooting deep principles into a company. Sixthman has helped nourish my love for music and people, while feeding my continued interest in marketing and encouraging a spirit of creative entrepreneurship. Overall, I am excited for Sixthman’s future and the joy it will bring to music lovers like myself.


Ramsey Brown, Artist Relations Intern

I’ve never been one to see myself sitting at a desk all day, in a boring office, with a bunch of normal people…. So when I walked into Sixthman my first day and was greeted so kindly by the staff (and dogs), saw the stage for SXM Sessions, & felt the overall amazing energy, I knew this internship was going to kick ass! Now, I’ve spent almost a year at Sixthman and have learned so much and been a part of so many great things in the process. From writing interview questions for Black Country Communion to casually running into Ken Block and telling him Sister Hazel was my first concert ever, which sparked my passion for live music. There is never a dull moment in the office! I’ve witnessed firsthand how much the company truly cares about the talent that comes on board and the lengths they will go to take care of their artists. Not only does Sixthman allow me to have creative freedom, but they celebrate it and inspire it every day I am in the office. As a brand-new college graduate, it is so refreshing to see such an innovative and passionate company like Sixthman exist. You always hear “don't mix business with pleasure”, but it’s quite the opposite here. Having fun while getting the job done is Sixthman’s recipe for success!

Kelsey Naddra, Marketing Intern

I have been interning at Sixthman for about 7 months and I have enjoyed every second! I have learned so much during my time here and got to meet a lot of really amazing and talented people. My marketing supervisors where there to help me in every way and I loved being able to work with them. My favorite part, other than the office doggos, is having the opportunity to work on the Jon Bon Jovi cruise.


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