Here at Sixthman, there's a term that has been in use for a while:

What does it mean?
Well, my name is Bear and it’s a way to describe the things that I do!


Where to start? I joined Sixthman in 2009, first as a Production Assistant, then as a full time Ninja and Host Ambassador. My wise and visionary leader, Joy, noticed that the various things I did had value and were important to the company. She challenged me to find a way to make a difference by doing BEARSTUFF. (All caps. One word.)

My mission became clear: Do everything in my power to make sure our guests have the best time possible. I took this on as a personal crusade. In an effort to define what BEARSTUFF is, here are examples of a few things I do: 

On land, I'm on the phones/chats/emails 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday, with one purpose: Make our guests feel special, informed, excited and ready for the best vacation possible! That could mean anything from helping a family work out a payment plan due to some unforeseen hardship, to empathizing with a guest whose favorite band is missing from the lineup. I've even explained geography and math to everyone from PHDs to Bank Tellers, and I've spent 57 minutes describing every possible detail of the buffet line. That's BEARSTUFF.

Here's a list of various scenarios which come across my desk on the ship:
(Just kidding about that desk... you'll never - ever - see me sitting at a desk when sailing.)

  • Coordinate a 50th birthday celebration for a 16 time grandmother on Sail Across The Sun
  • Find a place for a F#@K Cancer meet up on Kid Rock Cruise
  • Send a bottle of champagne and roses to a newly wed couple on Outlaw Country Cruise
  • Send a note and treats to new parents on PARAHOY
  • Help EVERYONE win big on the craps table on Cayamo or any of our cruises for that matter . . . BEARSTUFF.

But there's more! BEARSTUFF is never over. I might tell a kid on The KISS Kruise where he should stand so that he might be able to bump into Paul. I once gave a Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea guest advice on which tequila store is the best on the strip in Cozumel and then went with them to do quality control. Football fans who need to keep informed of their scores while we are away, know where to find me. After a particularly jam packed day spent hosting Q and A's, flip cup tournaments, and manning a shift at the info desk, I sat with a Rock Boater who just lost their mother and watched an amazing sunset. Yup, BEARSTUFF.

BEARSTUFF works for my Sixthman family too. I want to play my part to help our whole team do what they do best: MAKE YOUR VACATION AMAZING. That means taking time to listen and personally study ALL of the good, bad, and ugly, translate all the facts and figures to graphs, charts, and actions designed to help make us the BEST and then EVEN BETTER. 

To wrap it up, its the little touches with big results. Just help out however you can because, why not? When we all go above and beyond just because . . . we ALL do BEARSTUFF.