A Glimpse Inside The Sixthman Vault

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Have you ever wondered where we keep all of our supplies before and after the cruises? In the Sixthman Vault of course! As a newcomer to the company in May of 2016, I was given the opportunity to see this legendary place for myself. In fact, my task was to catalog all of the items kept there.

I went into this adventure thinking it would be pretty ordinary - inventory is simple and boring right? WRONG. Nothing Sixthman does is ever boring, even if it’s just keeping boxes on a shelf.

Here’s a list of some of the interesting items I came across:

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A replica model of a cruise ship

This beauty pays homage to Sixthman’s past and future adventures aboard the vessel. A high level of detail and a glass display case make for a very cool piece of history.

A plastic tub full of… custom painted toilet seats?

Yep. A dozen or so stacked neatly in a plastic tub. Turns out this was for a game called ‘Redneck Horseshoes’ which involves tossing toilet seats at a stationary plunger and hoping to get closer than your opponent. 

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Posters from past cruises

Reading about Sixthman’s long roster of past cruises was informative, but flipping through the stack of old posters with my own hands really left an impression on me. There was fifteen years’ worth of vacations represented here, and each poster was a unique piece. The variety of artists, destinations, and art styles was astounding.

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A lone Razer scooter

Another relic from the past – one in which Sixthman employees used scooters to commute between meeting rooms at the old office. Rest easy, old friend.

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Boat the Rock keychains

This is the TRB mascot? It’s an orange rock…

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Purple road case full of nonsense

Seriously, at first glance, the contents of this container gave me pause. It was filled to the brim with an assortment of objects that had no discernable purpose. A bag of pantyhose, ok. Thirty yellow whiffle bats, alright. Dozens of colored plastic squares. Megaphones. Balloons. Rubber ducks?!

All part of a crazy game called Boozical Squares, apparently. Sixthman ingenuity can be frightening sometimes.




The severed head of Herschel from The Walking Dead

Sure it’s a rubber prop for the Walker Stalker cruise, but it gave me a jump the first time I found it peering back at me from a box. Those eyes, yeesh.

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Not one, not two, but THREE different sizes of Jenga

Honestly, with this kind of variety, there is no excuse not to play it at least once during a cruise. You can generally find this high-intensity game on the Sports Court.

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Luxury bath robes embroidered with The Rock Boat logo

Veterans of The Rock Boat know these garments as the prestigious 10-year alumni gift, but all I could think was, "are we taking a company spa trip at some point?"

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A massive amount of inflatable pool toys

An avalanche of beach balls and tubes is one thing, but when you throw in an inflatable mechanical bull and a whale that doubles as a couch, now you’re in Sixthman inflatables territory. These guys must throw a killer pool party!

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Eight Hundred pounds of office supplies, on wheels

This office supply case is absolutely huge and contains all of the staples you would expect plus a whole lot more. A laminating machine named Larry, enough extension cords to connect Cozumel to Miami, and secret compartment for candy are just a few of the gems I found in there.

Needless to say, my first time visiting the Vault was a bit overwhelming and left me with a lot of questions. However, as I began my season of sailing I soon had a realization: these random, absurd and sometimes terrifying things help make Sixthman what it is.

See you onboard!