Wait. There ARE Beverage Packages?!


Sixthman + Beverage Packages changed their relationship status from “It’s Complicated” to “In a Relationship”.

Yes. You read that last part correctly. Hit the LIKE button because we are now offering a variety of beverage packages on ALL of our events! And thank you – Sixthman and Drink Packages are very happy together.

If you’ve sailed on a Sixthman event in the past, there is a 99% chance you’ve asked the following question: “Sixthman Jayne, I see that Norwegian offers alcohol packages. Ummm…how do I get my hands on one of those?!” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve typed the sentence, “There are no drink packages on chartered events like ours.”

Until now.

We know you’ve probably got a bazillion questions about how this new drink package thing is gonna go down. There's a whole page of info for you to delve into! But for now, let’s hit some highlights:

Yes, the Ultimate Beverage Package will be available! It’s Ultimate for a reason. You’ll get all the cocktails, wine, beer, soda, and juice you can handle. (Not for the faint of heart.)




Yes, Corks & Caps Wine and Beer Package will be available! If you’re not a fan of the hard stuff, go with this package for unlimited wine, beer, soda, and juice.




The Unlimited Fountain Soda Program will be available! And at Norwegian’s children’s rate at that. Grown up sized sodas – kids price!




We’ve also put together an additional Bottled Water Package at a discounted rate. You’ll receive a 24-pack of .5 liter Ice River Springs bottles for a flat rate of $10, if you order before we set sail.




Great! Sign me up!

All these packages will be available for purchase through your Sixthman account about 4-6 weeks prior to sailing, and you'll get an email when they go on sale.

PLUS! There will be a 10% discount on a la carte drinks on board, AND we’ve beefed up the Buckets of Beer. Any drink you purchase will be 10% off! (10% off the price – not 10% less liquid). When you buy a bucket of 5 beers, we’ll throw in a 6th and a 7th for FREE! So whether or not a beverage package is right for your cabin, everyone wins with these new savings!

The Ultimate Beverage and Corks & Caps packages must be purchased for ALL GUESTS staying in the same cabin, and you cannot mix and match. The Soda program and Ice River Springs bottled water are available for individual purchase. If you want to go all the way and get the Ultimate Beverage Package, your roommate will have to purchase it too. Them’s the rules. If there isn't a package that suits the needs of you and your cabin mates, the best part is, you can still take advantage of the overall 10% discount AND the bucket specials!

You’ll be charged an 18% gratuity at the time of purchase. Be good to your servers, y’all!

So there you have it, Beverage Packages - plus some!

Do us – and yourselves – a favor: please, drink responsibly.