A New Fun Tier

My 4 day immersion into the world of Wellness has shed a lot of light and revealed many sensible solutions to achieving better health.  We rarely know what we are getting ourselves into when we set out to sea with a new community but we had no clue what to expect with our first “non-music” cruise.

The last few days have truly been inspiring.  We confirmed our suspicions that people are passionate about other things than music and there probably is a great opportunity for us to learn how to bring many other communities together on vacation.

But we also witnessed a large group of people focused on their journey to stay fit and healthy.  We heard from experts in fitness, nutrition and other aspects of wellness which got me excited but mostly made me feel duped.  Duped that I didn’t know these fundamentals about the food I have been putting in my body my entire life and guilty for what I have been feeding my kids bodies during their young lives.

Don’t worry…I have not been brainwashed, just educated and here are some things I have learned.

#1) Count Your Calories

If we count them and understand how many we burn (which is not as hard as you think), we can recognize patterns that will lead to weight gain, loss or maintenance.  Apparently, I burn about 2,500 calories per day just from normal activity.  Adding a workout can burn an additional 300-500.  If I can eat 2,000 calories a day, I can lose 1 pound a week without even working out.  An additional 1/2 pound if I workout 3x per week.  I never knew you burned that much just with normal activity.

#2) Muscles Burn Calories

Even when they are not being worked, muscles need calories.  The bigger they are the more calories you burn throughout the day.  And some muscles, like legs and back, burn more calories each day as they are bigger than biceps and triceps.  Something to know before you spend all your time doing curls and push ups.

#3)  Abuse is Abuse

Knowingly choosing the wrong foods and becoming overweight is very similar to abusing alcohol and drugs.  The main difference is that people who abuse food carry it around with them as extra fat for everyone to see whereas alcohol and drug abusers are able to hide it easier.  Odds are that we are using food to cope with something going on.

#4) The Lunch Lady

There is a huge opportunity & responsibility to change things in the school systems.  It won’t be cheap in the short run but long term benefits are overwhelming.  I am looking for an Ipad app where kids can learn math skills by building 2,000 calorie meal plans.  They would select a group of things for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert.  If they were over 2,000 they would exchange items to make it balance.  If they were under they could add a dessert or a treat.  Can you imagine kids being able to look at a menu and add up the calories in their meal?  Maybe an SAT example….If Jim had 3 chicken breasts, 3 slices of pizza and 3 hamburger patties, how many calories would he have?

#5) We All Have Fat Somewhere We Can’t Lose

The body stores fat in different places for everyone.  Some of it is dictated by the balance of testosterone vs. estrogen and some of is just genetics.  So don’t be surprised if you get totally ripped and still have a little something you can’t get rid of on the legs or butt or somewhere.  According to the experts, everyone has at least one thing that you just can’t shake.

I am by no means a health expert so do some more reading before embarking on a plan if you feel so inspired.  What I am sharing is just my observation from listening to experts on the Jillian Michael Ultimate Wellness Cruise.

And for those of you who trusted us with your vacation this weekend, thank you.  It was so refreshing to see so many people working hard and having fun at the same time.  You helped us learn more about ourselves and inspired us to look for opportunities to incorporate Wellness into everything we do.

Here’s to a New Fun Tier.


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4 thoughts on “A New Fun Tier

  1. Congrats on your first non-music cruise! Glad to hear everything went over well. I’m still crossing my fingers for you to branch out and tackle photography. (I think David Hobby/Strobist already has a great foundation there that would lend itself to Sixthman’s focus on bringing together community…but don’t mind me being hopeful)nnOn a related note to the wellness cruise, I wanted to say thanks for way back last year when you launched the 10 pound challenge. I’m now at 115 lost total (or just over 100 since you issued the challenge) with a goal of another 20 gone before TRB XI. See, Sixthman was promoting healthy living even before teaming up with Jillian. :)

  2. To Sixthman, Jillian (et al), and NCL: Thank you so much for a fun, entertaining, and informative event! I’m still sore (the good kind that comes from energizing workouts) yet still grinning from all the high-fives and team sports. GO BLUE! It wasn’t about winning, it was about a personal effort by each of us to reach for our personal and healthy best during this cruise. I am still laughing from being asked by a sixthman staff member to give him ten pushups for ten tolkens. I did those pushups along with a group of others, and they were the first ones I’ve done in 20 years (and I did them well). I’m continuing to work out and incorporating some of the healthy menus that we learned while on the cruise into my daily routine. Thank you all again!!! From a new Sixthman Cruiser in Rhode Island

  3. It was an awesome cruise. I did a lot and I learned a lot. Now I have to take it home and incorporate what I have learned into my own life. I look forward to another opportunity next year to learn more. I also look forward to my new slimmer healthier body…one day at a time, one pound at a time, one calorie at a time.

    • You can do it. I got the bodymedia band and have been logging my calories and working out since I got back. I am on track to weigh less than 200lbs for the first time in 3 years. rnrn———————————————rnAndy Levine 404-664-9797

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